An ideal family through the eyes of Russians

An ideal family through the eyes of RussiansThe majority of respondents consider the main principles of construction of such family love, respect and understanding. An ideal they believe a family who understand each other perfectly, live in peace and harmony, raising well-educated children. Many mention financial stability: "we Need a decent salary, and then the family will be strong." 8% indicate that the ideal can only be regarded as a complete family, where mom and dad. 7% believe the ideal family, in which there is no place to edit. 6% believe the perfect families does not exist.When the marriage every second of respondents recommends to be guided by feelings, but every third believes that it is better to listen to the voice of reason. Almost half of respondents believe that the ideal husband should be older than wives for several years; 13 % believe that the couple is better to be peers; and one in three do not attach significance to the difference in age.More than half of the respondents consider to be more appropriate for a young wife to take her husband's name. The vast majority of Russians (86%) believe that the newlyweds due to a number of reasons it is better to live separately from their parents.83% of respondents believe that the household should do the husband and wife equally. More than half of the respondents believe that there is nothing wrong if the wife earns more than her husband (although every fifth convinced that this is an abnormal situation, because the husband is the head of the family, and must provide).More than half of the respondents are in the ideal family, two children; every fourth believes that children must be three. 5% voted for a large family with four or more children, and only 4% said the ideal family with only one child.Raising children must deal with his father and mother in equal measure, according to 88% of the respondents. Only one in ten believes that this responsibility mainly lies with the mother.

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