In Tatarstan police saved the life of two children, pulling them out of the water

In Tatarstan police saved the life of two children, pulling them out of the waterA truly heroic act made a 27-year-old policeman from Naberezhnye Chelny Reef Javasettings. He was pulled from the water and resuscitated 10-year-old boy, who did not sign, the press service of the Ministry.The driver of a police mobile platoon, 2 company of separate battalion patrol police Department of MIA of Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny Sergeant police Reef Javasettings 24 June intercession before the service took the parents to the country. Coming back with a friend by rail, by a pond near the village of Novotroitskoye they noticed several children who were calling for help.Without a moment's hesitation, the young people rushed to help. Children haltingly explained that in the pond to sink two boys. One of them still standing on the water, but the second was not visible on the surface. Frightened and excited the kids were not even able to show exactly where to look for his friend.As soon as a police officer with a friend pulled ashore one child, immediately rushed to find the second. According to Reef Haphazardness, diving into the water, he managed to think that the currents in the pond can't be, but because the unconscious boy need to look somewhere nearby. The search also complicated by the almost zero visibility under water. Diving in once again to the bottom, the police found the child's hand - he was lying at a depth of about three meters.Pulling the boy on the shore, the Saviour began to revive, as the child showed no signs of life. As recognized by the police, no anxiety, no panic was not. "Turned out as something all by itself," said Reef. - On the machine, as taught released light from the water, and then started doing chest compressions and artificial respiration".The police did everything right - the abused child first began to breathe, and then finally came to his senses. One of the lost boys hospitalization is not needed, but the second Reef with a friend handed arrived soon the ambulance.It is noteworthy that the police did not even told that day about the incident to his superiors, considering his minor - after all cost.Victim was a 10-letnii resident of Naberezhnye Chelny Ahmedin Gardens. According to the boy, the children frolicked in the water. At some point Ahmedin slipped on the muddy bottom, took a swallow of water, and trying to cough choked, went to the bottom."Not scared, did not have time!", told Ahmedin. When he learned that his Savior is in the police, began to be proud of attention to himself even more.Father saved the boy Mumin Gardens trying to hold back emotions, but it turns out bad, despite the fact that the first shock of the experience has passed. The man already talked with the Savior of his son, but met again, the first thing pulls policeman's hand, putting in a strong masculine hands all shy to speak in front of the cameras. "I am very grateful to this police officer, may God grant him health, happiness," says Mumin Gardens.Currently, the health of the affected child is not in danger.

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