Masha Konchalovsky regain consciousness until the end of February

Masha Konchalovsky regain consciousness until the end of FebruaryToday is the 120th day after the accident in the South of France with my family Konchalovsky. 14-year-old daughter Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky was not fastened, and has suffered the most, having traumatic brain injury.To date, the state Masha remained unchanged: the girl is still in a coma. However, in the forecasts of the French medical sounded optimistic notes: the girl began to gradually withdraw from drug-induced coma. According to the doctors, if all goes well, then in March she will be able to recover. The process of deducing from coma may take from 3 weeks to 2 months.The girl will gradually cease to sedate. Physicians will follow the body of the patient and will conduct tests on reflection is necessary in order to determine function if the nerve endings.Yegor Konchalovsky, the elder brother of Mary confirmed this information, when journalists got through to him. Further treatment involves a long rehabilitation. Masha possible problems with memory, behavior, speech.

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