Glamorous GW: the scandal "breastfeeding" photo in Vogue

Glamorous GW: the scandal Innocent and chaste photography has made unprecedented noise around the picture turned heated debate at the international level. Photo by nursing mothers in the trendy gloss shocked Western society. In the US the photo and is considered obscene and republishing preferred to cover the bare part of the breast model.According to some critics, the editors of Vogue bet on the scandal by posting the image, tabwemasana in society. Sound even of the opinion that the publication of his article offended readers who were not able or did not want to breastfeed.Defenders of the same publication are confident that the "inappropriate" pictures, on the contrary, reconcile supporters of different points of view, are taught to think about the normality of breastfeeding, including in public places. This journal has provided an invaluable service not only to the young mothers, but also the whole society.Dutch journalists joined, seemed incompatible: breastfeeding and fashionable gloss. More recently, breastfeeding were not glamorous, but purely medical Association. It was impossible to imagine anything more antistatique: exhausted childbirth, sleepy and unkempt woman in a shapeless splattered smock, a terrible kind of bras, more like a harness, smeared green paint and cracked nipples punishing pumps - something between torture tools and devices for automatic milking cows...Today, more and more people are convinced that a nursing woman remain sexy and attractive, her life can be active and eventful, and her wardrobe are elegant dresses and blouses for feeding and lace bras any playful colors.For decades gloss exploits the theme of female nudity, which grow circulation and advertisement revenue. More importantly, convinced supporters of the controversial publication, the image of the female breast is not as a sexual object. The mere appearance of the pictures in Vogueутверждает breastfeeding as a fashion trend and notes that the female breast is yet another important purpose.News provided by the Center for distance learning consultants on breastfeeding and klingonese Project Progv" www.progv.

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