This week will conclude the first round of voting in the framework of the project "Russia 10""

This week will conclude the first round of voting in the framework of the project Less than a week left before the completion of the first phase of voting in the framework of the project "Russia 10". Only included in the top 10 characters VFD landmark, the Kul Sharif mosque, took 5th place in the ranking.1st round of voting will end on 30 June at 12.00 Moscow time. According to the results in each of the Federal districts will be selected by 10 of the principal objects of the 2nd round. Voting takes place only in the Internet on the website of the project "Russia 10". The going may still have time to vote for your favorite attraction within 24 hours with a single IP address you can vote 3 times.According to the latest data, the Kul Sharif mosque occupies the 5th place ranking in the Volga Federal district, with almost 189 thousand votes. For comparison, the sculpture Park "Legend" (Penza), located on the 4th place, scored 243,5 thousand votes.5 days ago, on June 19, the mosque had more than 177 thousand votes and during this time she gained about 12 thousand In the voting on the Tatarstan also participate virgin monastery of Raifa, the Kazan Kremlin, the Museum-reserve "Moscow", Suyumbike tower, the settlement of Bulgarians, Sviyazhsk monastery of the assumption, Annunciation Cathedral, the national Museum of Tatarstan, the area of the 1000 anniversary of Kazan.Today prizes, as before, take the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin (323 thousand), hills Shihan in Bashkiria (about 287 thousand), the monument to Salavat Yulaev Ufa (almost 274 thousand).Recall that "Russia 10" is a joint project of the TV channel "Russia 1" and the Russian geographical society. He started in March of this year. The task of nation-wide voting to choose 10 new visual symbols of Russia.

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