Smolyaninov officially married "her father's daughter""

Smolyaninov officially married In late 2010 an avid smoothie Artur Smolyaninov has announced her wedding with Alexandra Dibrova. The pair were already preparing for the wedding, and on the ring finger of lovers wore engagement rings.However, it is unclear why Arthur had a falling out with Sasha and put her things from his house in Belyaevo. For a long time about the novels of Arthur was not heard here as a bolt from the blue came the news that Smolyaninov married "her father's daughter"- Daria Melnikova.Dasha and Arthur is well known, was very friendly, talked, and recently, on the set of the series "Hetaera major Sokolov, the couple broke feelings. Surrounded by the pair say that the guys are very similar in temperament, energy, and without words to understand each other.Dasha refuses to talk to reporters on the subject - probably afraid to jinx the woman's happiness. We only know that the wedding took place on August 31. In Instagram lovers showed a photo with wedding rings. Familiar pair also argue that Dasha and Arthur live together, and they are good. The first marriage congratulated the newlyweds another "father's daughter" Nastya Sivaev.

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