The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the heir to the British crown

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the heir to the British crownBritain was overwhelmed by a feeling of joy and wild jubilation... Finally Kate Middleton gave birth!In 16.24 (London time) on 22 July, was born the heir to the throne - strong healthy boy weighing about 3.8 kg. It happened at London's St. Mary's hospital close to Paddington station. The newborn was the third in line to the throne, pushing Prince Harry.Britain was overwhelmed by a feeling of joy and wild jubilation... Finally Kate Middleton gave birth!In 16.24 (London time) on 22 July, was born the heir to the throne - strong healthy boy weighing about 3.8 kg. It happened at London's St. Mary's hospital close to Paddington station. The newborn was the third in line to the throne, pushing Prince Harry.IN TRAFALGAR SQUARE SCORED FOUNTAINSOfficial message Kensington Palace made four hours after the birth of the future monarch. Notification of successful birth of a boy courier was taken from the hospital to the Queen at Buckingham Palace. And now it is exposed at the residence of the monarch. Here is the crowd. People didn't stop a record for the London heat for 30 degrees. They do not hide their delight: shouting, waving arms, jumping... Some even crying.- I five day stay for a night here and now waited! full man of about fifty tries to drown the noise of the square. - Where did you sleep? Two blocks away on the bench. I could, of course, watching it all on TV in Leeds. But don't compare! Want to give a greeting card Kate. She's the kind of fellow!The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a son in a natural way, without a caesarean section. Before pregnancy she was told that dreams of "natural childbirth".Prince William all this time was next to his wife. He brought Kate to the hospital about six in the morning on Monday, witnessed the emergence of a boy on the light and stayed overnight in the hospital.William was a pilot of the Royal air force in Wales is currently on vacation. Now it will take another vacation to care for a child who relies on Albion all fathers.On Tuesday morning, the couple must appear on the threshold of the hospital with the baby in her arms. The newborn will be officially presented to the United Kingdom and the world. And journalists, who came from all over the world, finally, wait for my hour!The son of Kate and William will wear the title "His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge".In honor of this event on the official buildings raised by the British national flag. And in Trafalgar square for fountains. They are blue because the boy was born.ANXIETY BEHINDThe last days were at Albion very nervous, even alarming. The country was caught every news about Kate Middleton. When the Duchess of Cambridge will give birth? Why is it still not happened? Not had any trouble?The appearance of the heir to the throne began to wait almost two weeks ago. The newspaper even called "the exact date is 11 July. Then it relentlessly updated: 13th, 16th, 19th July... Near St. Mary's hospital was jammed.It was in this hospital were born the sons of Prince Charles and Princess Diana: in 1982, William, and two years later Harry. Diana gave birth to the eldest son much earlier than scheduled and was in the hospital for only 21 hours. The brothers grew up in Kensington Palace. There, in the new apartments have 20 rooms, will enter in the fall of the family of Prince William.Recently the staff of this hospital spent days and nights in the workplace. All were forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages. Now, certainly, the doctors and nurses will open a bottle of champagne. As Marcus Setchell and Alan Farthing - known gynecologists who took birth.THE WISH OF THE QUEEN MADEThe Queen, they say, was very nervous. After 61 years on the throne, she almost never loses composure. And then publicly announced: I want to see the baby as soon as possible, before you leave on holiday in Scotland at the end of the week.And that's the wish of Her Majesty's done!- The birth of a grandson is a great gift to Elizabeth the Second, " said Royal biographer Kate Mansey. She, of course, very happy humanly. In addition, it has grown even more in popularity and prestige of the monarchy, than the Queen always extremely worried.The Elizabeth II, the British sometimes "bump". She is 87 years old, and isn't it time, they say, to give up the throne? Is it possible in this age to keep up with the times?William and Kate Middleton, who played the wedding in April last year, was downright angels-saviors. The young Royal couple shows that the Windsor dynasty changes. And now here she was born the heir to the throne, which with such excitement waited all Britain!Yes, this event was not without effect theatricality. Nothing amazing. Every Royal celebration, whether it is the diamond jubilee of Elizabeth II or the wedding of Prince William and Kate, heralded very carefully and beautifully, becomes a memorable show. People are happy, elated, jubilant. And here is the result: according to a poll of public opinion, which has just held 77 percent of the population support the monarchy.And another curious figure. 76 percent of the inhabitants of the Kingdom are proud of the fact that they are British.

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