Brezhnev told about the bullying and humiliation in childhood

Brezhnev told about the bullying and humiliation in childhoodEx-participant of "VIA Gra", presenter and actress Vera Brezhnev says that everything in life has made itself. She said that in her childhood she had to go through a lot of things: hunger, bullying and humiliation.Future star Vera Galushka grew up in a poor family with many children, parents have not had the opportunity to pamper their four daughters: the eldest Galya, faith, and the twins Anastasia and Victoria. Father after a car accident became an invalid, and her mother mopping the floors at the chemical plant and secretly took out the pieces of soap to make ends meet."Now if that would have had to provide for his family, settled would for any job. I can do anything. And if my life will not be the scene will not be lost. This is what I know" - confessed earlier, the singer.Vera Brezhnev worked with eleven years. At first she got to the Park, where he recruited children for weeding flower beds, raking leaves. Then she turned up the job of a seller in the market. "I knew the whole market: skinny girl in glasses (I wore them until twenty-one years, until he made laser vision correction), in a jacket, jeans and boots made of synthetic leather. The leather was cracked, and legs desperately freezing.Clothes had to donashivat and to alter: "When the first second-hand shops, we searched the piles sent from Europe and America worn things something more or less decent, brought home, washed, repaired, pressed. Mom helped us, she wanted the girls were dressed better than others. And we, pitying mother never talked about how they are mocking at us at school and in the yard, laughing, eating in the school cafeteria free Lunches," said Brezhnev in an exclusive interview to the magazine "Collection. Caravan of stories".Faith was a difficult teenager, and any comment on peers were allowed into fists. All children's injuries did not give the singer live, so she went to a psychologist.Now Faith is a successful person, actress, singer, TV presenter, mother of two daughters.

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