Evelina Bledans raising of the son-down genius

Evelina Bledans raising of the son-down geniusEvelina Bledans, gave birth to a son with down syndrome, calls it a "syndrome of happiness". She did not hide the "sick" child from society, especially to abandon him in the hospital, and told everyone what he's a wonderful kid. Bledans, stolknuvsheisya with this disease, believes that "solar" children deserve much more attention than they get it in Russia. Now Simon is developing well, demonstrates the success and, of course, first of all, love their parents.Microblog small Seeds are full of messages about how he spends time with his stellar mom. In Cyprus, where it now rests semen, he was a year and a half. Mother on the eve of the day of knowledge decided to show the video, as the semen is prepared for school. Only he's not sitting behind a Desk, and on the shore of the Mediterranean sea. It has everything that should be in "the good": a primer, pencils and pens, notebook. Dressed SEMA suitable: with tie and shirt."Back to school", signed actress video. "No school, dream!)) and teachers in bathing suits," commented readers. "Everything was great! Are a fan of Semachki, he is very good! Evelyn is amazing, but the voice (not beat)"".

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