In Tatarstan-year-old girl miraculously survived after swallowing magnetic beads

In Tatarstan-year-old girl miraculously survived after swallowing magnetic beadsIt turned out that the ill-fated magnetic beads are brought into the house of a friend's older sister little Alfia (she is not quite two years old). While the older girls were dismantled designer for parts, baby swallowed one after the other six balls.After some time, the girl became ill. Parents shocked: no fever, no obvious signs of stomach upset. Tried to help this girl folk remedies, but all in vain. Two days later called an ambulance. The doctors did not take the girl to the hospital and was advised to take in Kama children's medical center.The doctor, suspecting something was wrong, not only took her all the necessary primary analyses, but also sent him for x-rays and ultrasound. Only on the picture and saw these six magnetic beads.Without surgical intervention managed to get only one magnet. It turned out that the balls have already wasted too in the stomach hole, and falling into the abdominal cavity. To save the child, had to have surgery. At the time, because the components could further cause serious damage to other organs and vessels. In the end, the child would have died.It's good that the magnets are lined up in the belly of a little girl with a chain. There were cases when the balls were distributed separately from each other, making holes in the body for kids.

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