In Kazan officials talked with the protesters against the increase of the fee for kindergarten

In Kazan officials talked with the protesters against the increase of the fee for kindergartenOn Bauman street after the meeting, the participants were invited to the house of the workers of education, where officials, answering questions, tried to explain the reasons for the increase.So in 2014 under the new Federal law on education expenses for a child separated into 3 components: educational services, utility costs, as well as the supervision and care of children.The last part should be paid for from the pockets of parents. This includes the cost of food, household and medical services, medicines and payroll assistants, caregivers, and medical catering staff and technicians.So from the 1st of January of the following year, the average base size of the parent Board will increase by 900 to 1000 rubles. For example, Kazan kindergarten second category fee will be 2283 ruble instead of the current 1330.For families with low income provided by compensation from the city budget. It all depends on family income and number of children. For example, for families with incomes of less than 10 thousand rubles per person, parent fee based compensation will increase by 260 rubles and should be 1370 rubles.If in the garden there are two children, the fee for the second child will grow only 90 rubles and will be equal to 870 rubles. And if we are talking about the third son or daughter, then his parents will pay even less than now, for exactly 15 rubles.According to officials, to apply for a subsidy, every family whose monthly income is below 20 thousand rubles per person. It is necessary to provide: the contract with kindergarten, information on income for the last 3 months, the birth certificate of the child, the account of the parent credit institution, as well as a personal account child. The entire package will be valid six months: from 1 January to end of June 2014, after which it will need to update.

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