In Kazan continue to register cases of enteroviral infection

In Kazan continue to register cases of enteroviral infectionIn Kazan registered another case of enteroviral infection in 12-year-old girl, reported IA "Tatar-inform" in the Rospotrebnadzor Administration in the Republic of Tatarstan.It also specified that today it is already treated and discharged home from the recovery.Only on 12 August 2013 in the Republic of registered 18 cases of enteroviral infection, 13 of them in Kazan. In one case registered in Mamadysh, Arsk, Tukai, Tetyushi and Zelenodolsk areas of the country.The incidence rate in the current year is below the average level of 19.3 percent. Among children up to 17 years reported 14 cases, including children under the age of 4 years, 9 cases, 7-17 years - 5 cases.In 94 percent of cases in patients registered "minor" forms of enteroviral infections - herpes sore throat, stomatitis, pharyngitis.Recall that earlier it was reported about the disease of enteroviral meningitis in children Tetuso. Baby cured and discharged home. New cases of enteroviral meningitis in the Republic is not yet registered.The management Rospotrebnadzor RT ongoing monitoring of the circulation of enteroviruses in the environment, as well as activities aimed at the prevention of acute intestinal infections and enteroviral infections.The source of infection is a sick man or infected asymptomatic carrier of the virus. Virusencyclo in healthy individuals is up 46 percent. Due to the fact that enterovirus infections are characteristic of the disease among young children, the Rospotrebnadzor Administration in the Republic of Tatarstan in order to prevent enterovirus infection recommends: to observe the rules of personal hygiene when caring for children, especially young children: do not forget to wash hands before eating, after returning from the street, after each visit to the toilet, cooking and child care. It is recommended to treat hand disinfectants permitted for these purposes.You must also provide the individual a set of dishes for each member of the family, especially for children and to monitor the cleanliness of the objects of the care of young children.If symptoms of a disease in themselves or other members of the family - the immediate need to eliminate their communication with young children. If you cannot restriction you must use basic protection mask. When coughing and sneezing, you need to cover your nose and mouth with disposable handkerchiefs or napkins, discarding them after use, and then you need to wash your hands or handle them with a damp cloth.

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