Zhanna Friske finally settled in Moscow

Zhanna Friske finally settled in MoscowNovember 7, son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev turned 7 months. Young parents are in no hurry to show histhe heir. Even the question about the nurse was perceived categorically in the negative. Jeanne decided to become an exemplary mother and was in no hurry to get back to work, creating for a child the most comfortable conditions. In Miami to visit Plato was periodically visited by native Jeanne - mom, dad, sister. Here, fresh air, the best medicine in the world.The singer has long promised to return to Moscow, but still didn't return. It was rumored that Joan could not get in shape after giving birth, so no hurry to appear on the eyes of the fans.However, the couple has already picked up an elite manger for his son, and then kindergarten, and school. Educational institutions are located in a residential complex, surrounded by a high fence and reliable protection. This means that nobody will be able to take pictures of the kids or his mother without makeup, half asleep, leading their child to the garden.Jeanne finally decided to come to Moscow. Her father, Vladimir Borisovich said that soon the whole family will gather around the table. "My daughter, along with Plato now at home, - said Vladimir Friske. - Grandson already brought it to the bride to us with his wife in a country house. And soon we will gather the whole family for dinner.

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