Sasha Savelieva of "Factory" boasted pregnant belly

Sasha Savelieva of The soloist of the group "Factory" Sasha Savelieva I got married in April 2010 for his beloved star of TV series "Tatyana's day" Kirill Safonov.3 years later after the wedding Sasha boasted pregnant belly, which, as it turned out, she needed only for shooting. Fans also hope, that a video will be prophetic, and soon Sasha will have the true stomach.Sasha and Kirill met in a nightclub, and at first glance didn't even know each other: Sasha never seen the show "Tatiana's day", and Cyril was not interested in show business and did not know that this girl is the star of the group "Factory". Brought lovers producer Katherine von gechman-Waldeck, who are well acquainted with Sasha, and with Cyril. She gave the actor the telephone singer, he sent her an SMS, then young people are met, and theirs was a frantic affair.Already three weeks after exploring Savelyeva introduced to Cyril with his parents.

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