Reconstruction KP: As a midwife could confuse newborn

Reconstruction KP: As a midwife could confuse newbornTwo Lyudmila with the same name, but still give birth at the same time, and both girls that should already make mothers close friends. But the reason for friendship was not the long-awaited appearance daughters, and medical error. Let's call it so. Thank God, a mother and a keen eye not disappoint, no matter what, the children found their real parents.ONE FOR ALLNo one will say that a C-section, namely through it had to go to moms - is simple and has long been studied. Each case has its own peculiarities. Let's try to understand those that led to such a terrible confusion together with a distinguished obstetrician-gynecologist, who asked not to be named.As explained by the Minister of health of Tatarstan, "lost his job, the midwife who took these genera". So two parous almost simultaneously (and, incidentally, of the PLANNING! Since the "caesarean" is a planned operation. - Approx.ed.) moms was only one midwife!Between the birth of little girls only a minute difference. And it gives reason to assume that the medic was literally torn between operational.She could do it, but only in one case: when you switch from one mom to another, the woman should wash their hands and re-dress all sterile. This, according to experts, was supposed to take up to five minutes. But there is another interesting point: before you leave happy mommy and go to another, the midwife must take blood from the umbilical cord. If only this function is not to pass on same pediatrician. Next, the child should enfold.TABLE STUMBLINGAnd here it is, according to respondents "KP" midwives, and could happen. And only in one case: likely substitution happened on the changing table. Two maternity Boxing he was alone, though the rules for each operating room should be separate.Turns a sad picture: one tortured midwife, torn between the women, and even one seat in two newborns. Here the woman and could hang tag is not on the child. On the other phases is removed by 100 percent.For example, in clinics of Kazan issued three tags. One on each arm and another is placed in the diaper. Moreover, according to the rules of the health care worker should approach the woman with tag and specify whether written name. So then the error is excluded. But in our case, to the women no one has approached me for one simple reason, because they were caesarean under General anesthesia. Although one of the mothers, through the haze of drugs could hear how much weight her girls - 2800 gr. The other knew exactly what herthe fruit is large during the last ultrasound suggested something about 4 kgOVERWEIGHT AND UNDERWEIGHTIt is, in principle, and became the basis for questions to doctors: why does a child who was brought to the feeding to the mother, was a different weight.According to the rules, before you refer the child to the mommy's teat, it weighed. The weight on the first day of life the child can really lose. BUT! Not more than 200 grams! This is normal, but if more doctors should take the baby to the control. It can be as dehydration and improper feeding. But that weight has increased dramatically - it's all nonsense. However, that is exactly what happened with our heroines. One child sharply "lost" and the other "poolster". The difference in almost a kilogram mother quickly noticed and became suspicious.But the staff Kama children's medical center told the women that they are victims of postpartum fever and it seems to.

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