Feofilaktova offensive stars of "House-2" beyond the perimeter of the show

Feofilaktova offensive stars of We already wrote about the fact that Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev left the project "Dom-2" due to a misunderstanding with the organizers and conflicts with other participants of the show. Eugene managed to even fight with Elina caracino, and the producers of the show asked a couple of a lot of money for the care, what Anton said in his blog. After returning from the Dominican Republic, the guys secretly at night hastily left hated the project. According to Feofilaktova, she would like to raise a son in a healthy society and a more appropriate environment for the child.Having gone through the perimeter Eugene continues to insult the show, calling it "crowd of drunks, old prostitutes, Alfonso and so on". After these words from it even turned a friend on the project - Daria Pynzar. Yes, and other participants of the show is also unfavorable remarks about the "blue lady". Many believe that Anton was not lucky, and he "cherished the snake on his chest.".

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