This year it is planned to open 9 kindergartens in the Soviet area

This year it is planned to open 9 kindergartens in the Soviet areaIt should be noted that in this format have already reported to the inhabitants of almost all the heads of district administrations of the capital of Tatarstan. They reported on what the past year was significant for areas of shared plans for the future. "For us, this year was marked by medicine," said the head of the administration of the Soviet district.He recalled that in the neighborhood "Azino-1" opened children's clinic, day hospital, which became a branch of the children's Republican clinical hospital, completed the construction of the extension to city polyclinic в„–8 (Ul. Truth, 13), the reconstruction of the building of the former student clinic on Popova street, where he moved polyclinic в„–6. In addition, in 2013 was built and the beginning of reception of citizens health clinic in the village of Nagorny. "We hope that this positive trend will continue in 2014," said R. Gafarov.For instance, the planned reconstruction of the substation ambulance on the street Fucik. In addition, in may of this year, plans to open the largest in Tatarstan blood transfusion Centre, explained the head of administration of the Soviet district. This center will provide blood components medical organization Kazan, Zelenodolsk and 21 district of the Republic of Tatarstan.Rustem Gafarov also noted that in the area of conditions for regular physical training and sports, healthy lifestyle. Today, according to R. Gafarov, in the Soviet district there are 6 major sports complexes, 22 hockey box, 2 "sports house", many yards of a small platform with horizontal bars and parallel bars. In addition, in the area thanks to the presidential program built 3 universal sports grounds. 3 more on street cismale, Ul. Kirpichnikova and Derbyshki settlement will be built in 2014.During transmission touched on the subject of road construction. Chapter reminded that last year in the Soviet area was renovated 17 roads. For comparison: in 2012 repairs 7 streets in the square 27300 square meters, which is only 5% of the area, renovated in 2013. As a result, on most routes in the district today tubes not observed. Now, the worst situation is in the area of "Accerlate", at the intersection of Adel kutuy and Sakharov.Rustem Gafarov also reported on the progress of capital repairs of the housing stock. So, according to him, since the implementation of the programme of repaired houses with the assistance of housing construction Fund from 2008 to 2013 has been performed in 369 homes totaling more than 2 billion rubles, including in 2013 - 50 houses on 306,3 million rubles today, major repairs need 819 homes. The head of the district reported that on today's program of capital repairs for 2014, which includes 53 residential home district. The estimate of the repair will be about 300 million rubles.Host of "Theme" Alexey Kuleshov noted that the perennial problem of the Soviet area is the imbalance between the number of dwellings and number of kindergartens and clinics. "Will it be possible to align?" asked leading with the head. Rustem Gafarov reminded that for 6 years in the area are constructed of 18 municipal and 4 private kindergartens. "Moreover, 15 of them in the most severely disadvantaged neighbourhoods", - stressed the head of the administration. "This year it is planned to finish 9 kindergartens," added R. Gafarov and expressed hope that the opening of the new children's preschool educational institutions will provide places not only children 3-7 years old, but kids 1,5-3 years.One of the tele-viewers calling in the Studio complained about the lack of schools and shops in the street area 2-I Azinskaya, although there have been constructed and populated with 10 homes under the social mortgage. "Indeed the construction of residential houses in this district were conducted without the development of social infrastructure," said R. Gafarov. In 2011, there was built a kindergarten for 220 seats, and now a very acute question about the school. Today, according to the head of the Soviet district allocated funds for the design of a school for 1,200 students. As for the outlets, then, according to R. Gafarov, on August 30 of the current year, the district plans to open shop "Edelweiss".Another issue of concern to a considerable part of the population of the Soviet district - the water hardness in the village Derbyshki. Rustem Gafarov reported that in 2014 as part of the investment programs of MUE Vodokanal is planned to begin construction of water supply site. It is expected that all work will be completed in 2019, and residents will begin to enter the water after cleaning on the Volga river intake, and not from local groundwater sources.Rustem Gafarov also reported on the work being conducted in the villages. Recall that in the Soviet area, there are 33 blocks. So, according to the head, in the settlements built 16 km of water supply networks, 2.6 km of Sewerage networks. Work in the villages will be continued in the current year.Among the priorities for the current year Rustem Gafarov said that the construction of kindergartens, homes, renovated homes, schools, kindergartens, roads, further improvement.At the end of the transmission Rustem Gafarov thanked all of the residents who took an active part in the greening and beautification of the city to restore order. "We planted a lot of trees, bushes. This beauty should be supported, so that our neighborhood was becoming cleaner and more beautiful," said R. Gafarov.

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