Today in Kazan will host a rally in support of Russian language and Federal legislation

Today in Kazan will host a rally in support of Russian language and Federal legislationAs reported by one of the organizers of the event, the Chairman of the Society of Russian culture Kazan Michael goldfinches, may 28, issued a draft of the new Republican law "On education". However, all the aspirations of the Russian speaking community in "a wise decision of the fair authorities" were in vain. "The project retains all the old rules in "language," explained goldfinches. In particular, the newly dictates runobject teaching of the state language, and indicates that the Tatar language is studied and taught in all schools in accordance with the Republican 1992 law "On languages"."In the preparation of this draft law was not part of either the Russian-speaking community, neither the parent community. It says nothing about the right of students of the Republic of Tatarstan to study Russian language in the same volume, as it is studied by students across Russia, - said the Chairman of ORCC. - This question remained unresolved, while in the Republic of going prosecution of parents raising this issue.The society of Russian culture of Tatarstan may 29, held a public hearing, which was hosted by the Federal expert on the problems of national education in Russia Olga Artemenko. She characterized the bill as seriously contradicting to the legislation of the Russian Federation in the sphere of language control. Although the hearings were representatives of the state Council, the Ministry of education and science of Tatarstan, the Cabinet of Ministers and the office of the President, the House of friendship of peoples, none of them came.Moreover, the next day the law was passed in the first reading by the state Council of Tatarstan, and in the evening, the TV news showed President Rustam Minnikhanov, clearly irritated by the situation. He said that she would do nothing, and who really wants more practice on a particular language, the country will seek funds. And despite the fact that the existing sanitary norms and rules to increase the volume of activities for students any longer...The Federal government on an ethno-linguistic conflict in Tatarstan pays no attention. Thus, we, law-abiding citizens, there is only one way to force the state government to ignore us is civic engagement. So on the evening of 6 June, the birthday of A..

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