Complications of flu - pneumonia

Complications of flu - pneumoniaWhat is pneumonia and where are they?Of course, of pneumonia, it is best to know only in theory, never in practice it is not met, as it is a disease in kids sometimes can be even fatal. Pneumonia is a viral, microbial, or any other inflammation of the lung tissue, resulting in impaired respiratory function of the lungs and causing dramatic shifts in metabolism. But if you now to ask whether you know exactly how it will manifest pneumonia, not all of you will be able to call her signs and symptoms.But statistics on pneumonia is not very comforting - at least three of the five children during childhood at least once suffered pneumonia, and is particularly often develop pneumonia in children at an early age, up to three to five years, when the body is still very immature and sensitive to many external influences. With all of this pneumonia in children are quite different from those in adults because children's bodies are significantly different from the adult body and has imperfect immunity. It is therefore extremely important issues timely diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia, as pneumonia threaten the health and even the lives of kids. In the initial stages of pneumonia fairly easy to confuse with symptoms of respiratory infections or bronchitis. But the process, in fact, very different - in the development of pneumonia inflammation occurs at the smallest end of the respiratory system in the alveoli of the lungs.What is pathology?In the lungs there are special departments of the alveoli, is a small-sized bubbles, which end in small bronchi. It is in the area of the alveoli, which literally braided network of capillaries, and the process of gas exchange, it is in them for air circulation and there is an exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen that is required for admission into all tissues of the necessary quantity of oxygen. If healthy alveoli, through the wall of the blood easily loses carbon dioxide and absorbed into the blood oxygen. If there is pneumonia that occurs swelling of the alveoli and their walls thicken, through such thick walls to penetrate gases is much more difficult, due to which there is a disturbance in the metabolism in the blood and tissues accumulate carbon dioxide, and oxygen penetrates to the organs and tissues worse than usual.The accumulation of carbon dioxide leads to changes in metabolism and inflammation leads to the accumulation of fluid in the alveoli, this fluid it more difficult metabolism. Due to the formation of hypoxia in the body of the child is forming problems - especially suffer nervous and cardiovascular system, as well as vital organs, suffer because of this and all organs and tissues. The child feels bad, it is difficult for him to breathe, he has a strong toxicosis. Therefore, it is important to recognize and quickly and effectively to treat pneumonia, while it does not harm the General health.Causes of pneumonia.If you compare the causes of pneumonia in children and in adults, they will vary considerably. In adults pneumonia usually occurs as a separate and independent disease. But the vast majority of children the process of inflammation of the lungs is formed as a complication recently migrated respiratory infection or flu, sometimes other somatic diseases with weakened immunity and attach inflammation.But where are the germs or inflammation in the lungs, because they are usually sterile? If you remember, in the area of the nose and throat of any of the people, both children and adults, is always defined microflora. It is not always friendly to the baby, may be opportunistic, and even fully pathogenic flora.While the immune system of children is strong enough for this pathogenic flora no opportunity to breed, keep her immune strength, lymphocytes, phagocytes, and other cells of the blood. Then this flora peacefully coexists about the baby, not causing him any harm and developing diseases. However, if a child becomes ill respiratory viral infections, or experience exacerbation of chronic diseases, pereohlazhden legs or the whole body, then there is a decrease vigilance of the immune system and at the same time, pathogenic flora quickly activated and starts to really hurt the child. Even worse is the situation, if the child is in parallel with viral infections and impaired immune function, get outside another portion of pathogenic microbes.The General condition of the immune system significantly affects not possible development of pneumonia, will it be a complication or not. Important here will be the age of the baby, having had infections, chronic pathology or any malformations. That is why always say - less than the age of the baby, the more likely will he the development of pneumonia, particularly the risk to be ill with pneumonia infants, the first months of life - especially newborns. Particularly will affect the development of pneumonia is such a phenomenon as the development and maturation of the respiratory system. Babies are born with immature and formed by the respiratory alveoli are still immature, and the whole lung tissue, respiratory tract thin, narrow and through the bottom difficult to pass air. Metabolism in children is extremely intense, and because of this breath is also more actively and intensively. All these conditions contribute to the development of various lung infections, especially bronchitis and pneumonia.Why pneumonia in children is particularly difficult?Children especially delicate mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract, they are very gentle and richly supplied with small blood capillaries - they just twist around each alveole. If there is a massive attack on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, there is a strong edema in the area of lung tissue, which prevents the gases normally penetrate through the shell that disrupts breathing. Particularly affected cilia and ciliated epithelium, the primary purpose of which is to display the phlegm from the lungs and help to cough. In pneumonia the lungs suffers most, so there is a stagnation in the lung fluid and sputum, lung microflora, resulting in suppurative complications. because of this is the maintenance and further maintenance of pneumonia.Children have a certain set of conditions under which dramatically increases the risk for the development of pneumonia, or a significant deterioration. These States include such health problems as malnutrition of different types, i.e. malnutrition. In addition, can significantly disrupt the course of pneumonia, iron deficiency pneumonia of any origin, especially among kids. Develop conditions such as rickets, lesions of the Central nervous system (both congenital and acquired). Can also contribute to problems such as heart defects, congenital and acquired immunodeficiencies nature, leading to the creation of atypical pneumonia.Types of childhood pneumonia.Although the development of pneumonia in General are General mechanisms and pulmonary lesions, the principles of flow pneumonia, but doctors still there are several subspecies of pneumonia. First of all, the separation of pneumonia occurs on the field of defeat, what part of the lung that is affected by pneumonia. The lungs are divided into lobes and segments, that's for anatomical levels pneumonia and it is possible to divide them. You can select pneumonia segmental, lobar, lobular, lobar and total.Focal pneumonia in children is manifested by the defeat of a very small area of the lung tissue, usually areas with a diameter of not more than one or two centimeters. Segmental and polysegmental pneumonia usually are pneumonia, which is caused by the inflammatory process in several segments in the area of light. Such pneumonia proceed heavier than the previous, as the most affected part of the lung tissue (multiple segments). Lobar pneumonia called the defeat of an entire lobe of the lung, and it is obvious that the greater the number of lung tissue affected, the harder it will leak pneumonia in children.In addition, pneumonia can be right or left hand, depending on the defeat of one lung or other.

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