Laysan utiasheva first unveiled pregnant pictures

Laysan utiasheva first unveiled pregnant picturesWe already wrote about that Laysan utiasheva and Paul Will become parents. The birth of their child from the very beginning was shrouded in mystery. First, the pair played secret wedding. About their new status became known, when Laysan at the 7th month of pregnancy went to Italy, and then in Miami to give birth.Secondly, neither Laysan, or Paul did not make official statements about the birth of the boy. This was announced by chance, bragged to people close to the star couple. Later, when information began to hide pointless, Irina Viner, coach gymnasts, said Laysan actually became a mother. However, neither the weight of the child, no growth, no birth date was not disclosed.However, slowly the information became clear. The boy was born a real hero - 4 kg and 57 see his Parents named Robert and already planning a second child. And at the end of June, the couple arrived in Moscow from 2-month-old son. In an interview with the magazine "7 Days" Laysan told about himself, his marriage and even showed a pregnant belly.According to gymnasts, they Pasha Will not hiding from the paparazzi, it just happened that they never got in camera lenses. And were not talking about myself, because I do not particularly like to make statements about his personal life. Many were surprised by their sudden wedding. The event occurred after the death of the mother of the actress, who was her close friend: "We got married in September 2012. But before that Pasha was next to me, don't know how I would have survived that dreadful period without him... it seemed to Me that the grief I can't breathe, and Paul helped! This is difficult to explain. Just a man enveloped me with full care and love...".

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