The mayor asked the builders "to be delivered" kindergartens

The mayor asked the builders Kazan authorities continue to care about the happiness of their citizens. This time remembered the smallest residents mayor Ilsur Metshin was tasked to build to 1 September 28 new kindergartens.The gardens will appear not only in the area of high-rise buildings, but also in urban settlements. Preschool education should build in Kadysheva, free, Tajiks, Zalisna, Petrovsky, ascension and Small Fangs. Plans to open 4380 new childcare places, and in all, the program will allocate almost 2.3 billion - 70% of the national budget, 30% from the Federal. 4 kindergarten will open for 80 seats, 14 facilities will accommodate 120 children 4 - under 140, 4 - 220. Finally, the 2 biggest garden will be designed for 260 people.In parallel, work will continue on the repair of kindergartens and the discovery of new groups in already built, according to the Mayor of Kazan.Officials have already identified all areas for gardens and space for construction from the old utilities. Despite the unprecedented scale of construction Ilsur Metshin demanded that builders comply with all deadlines:- Schedule completion of the work we have until 1 September. To change it we can only decrease the time. Children are born for 9 months, they can and should "give birth" in the past, " said the mayor.The program of creation of additional places in the system of preschool education Kazan for 2014 :в„– p/p location seats1 Ul. Big Red, W.m. Small Fangs 2602 Steep street 2603 street Chapaeva-220 Maksimova4 Amirkhan street-Chetaev 2205 Per. Osinovsky, W.m. Zalisna 2206 Ul. Chetaev (school No. 143) 2207 Ul. Cacak 1408 Ul. Rotor 1409 W.m. Ascension 14010 page No. 5-12, district M-5 14011 St. Simon (the territory of the schoolв„– 62) 12012 Ul. H. Taktash 89 12013 Ave.Victory street R. Sorge 12014 Ul. Tunic 12015 street Mavlyutov - the syrtlanova 12016 street Sorge-Gabyshev 12017 p. Flocks 12018 Gorky highway (on the territory of ginasio No. 3) 12019 street batyrchina, D. 25 12020 Chkalov street, D. 8 (on-site gymnasium в„– 8) 12021 street 2-I South West (school # 135) 12022 street Minsk 12023 street Koksinsky descent (Ul. o'clock Aitmatov) 12024 street Gavrilova 12025 p. Kadysheva 8026 W.m. Petrovsky 8027 St.

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