In Kazan built 7 new kindergartens 840 seats

In Kazan built 7 new kindergartens 840 seatsIn Kazan built 7 new kindergartens, said during today's business Monday, the first Deputy head of the Executive Committee of Kazan Azat Nigmatzyanov.2 of them built on the funds of the Federal budget and the rest in the framework of the Republican program. The construction site was determined by the existence of order in the area and land. The total cost of construction is 538,3 million rubles - about 30 percent allocated from the Federal budget and the rest from the Republican. The construction involved contractors LLC "Aktash", LLC "breeze" and LLC "Cauldron". In the course of work because of the delays were dismissed 2 contractors, and now their duties are carried out by LLC "Aktash", building 4 building.Construction is underway on the streets Lomzhinsky, Koksinsky descent, Absalyamova at the intersection with the street Hakim, Usmanov in complex with gymnasium в„–2, Simonov, Aitmatov and Gavrilova. The capacity of each kindergarten will be 120 seats. Projects kindergartens developed sue "Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt". This three-story building of brick with insulation.In fact, the start of construction was given on 5 October of the current year. The plots on the streets Hakim, Simon, lominska were exempt from Parking of personal vehicles. Today on the objects on the streets Koksinsky descent and lominska already completed masonry walls, being the finishing and special works. On the object on the street Usmanov are stowing. On the other - continued masonry walls and partitions of the 1st and 2nd floors. The mayor Ilsur Metshin added that for the New year 2 construct kindergartens will have to be ready.Also Azat Nigmatzyanov told about the competition heads of future kindergartens. It was launched on 1 November of the current year. Their portfolio has filed 24 contestants. In the correspondence phase was wybranie 16 people, which this week will present the competition Commission's own concept of development preschool.

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