Borodin prepares his daughter for the career of a ballerina

Borodin prepares his daughter for the career of a ballerinaIt's no secret that Xenia Borodina have a young daughter Marusya, which as two peas similar to his mother. Borodin loves to pamper his "bead" expensive gifts. To spend a lot of time Ksyusha does not work as she leads an active life in show business, but it is also the presenter of the "House-2".4-year-old girl have predicted career as a TV presenter or model, as Marusia, most likely, will go in the footsteps of her mother, she likes to pose on camera and looks great in the frame. On the days of the civil husband Borodina - Michael Terekhin led Marusya "Dom-2". He showed her where and how does the mother, held at the meeting place. When she saw the women's room, he asked her whether she wants to live there, to which she replied "No".Now she wondered about the future of Marousi and began to pick up her mug, section and school.

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