"I can't" or Three steps doubt in childbirth

"I can't" or Three steps doubt in childbirthMariana Oleinik, doula: "I can't", "Make me something", "I have to agree on everything, just to get it over with", "I'm scared, I can't cope" - all women of the world know these thoughts, sounding very much like always or almost always in the peak moments of birth. In these moments, decisions are made. Changing the script. This fork. Manifest the true relationship between people. They often regret, bitterness, guilt, doubt your own power or the disappointment in her about these moments speak with resentment. Always - as the secret, because in this moment the Power-that-more-us, life itself is revealed, and each saw myself for who I am, here and now.I silently nod, trying to warm their eyes to convey all the sympathy, which can all acceptance...trying to radiate peace and a sense of correctness because it was. And every time, every time I tell that tested you - this is perfectly normal. - If I knew... that sounds in response.. as if I don't forget it in the next birth..." most of all, we know that this is a subtle point test of our strength and faith happens at the end of the genera transient contractions - when their length and intensity maximum, and attempts have not yet come. And the brighter it is sometimes self-flagellation or simply surprise when these moments occur in the middle of childbirth, and sometimes... in the beginning.Actually these three steps. Not every woman they happen all not in every birth, they are clearly and consistently. Sometimes some one, sometimes two. But it makes sense to know about each of them, because the answer to the question - how would me next time so.. is just good old principle of "Forewarned is forearmed". Sometimes the very fact that you know what's going on, gives a lot of effort and resource to survive difficult moments at its maximum, so as you and would like to do, and not under the influence of the moment.Pain in childbirth is often compares with the waves. The fight comes, slowly growing feeling that comes to a peak, stay on it for some time, and again subsides, letting go. In this regard, the pain really is undulating, gradually increasing. But does this description only relatively feelings inside fights.As for the process of strengthening the generic sense, in principle, on all fights - there is just Jumpy movement, intermittent, gradual. That is, first come first bout, they differ subjectively from previous training have their own rhythm, and you understand what is included in delivery. Adjust to the feeling, watching fights, organized last moments to full readiness for the birth. But suddenly! - came after a couple of hours the next fight brings twice the feel and length, much stronger than all the previous. And may experience fear, confusion, uncertainty and even panic. And once again adapt to new waves, exciting you. Hardly - in the truest sense of the word - find the appropriate posture and ways to help yourself to get used to the fights. And so the process goes, rhythmic, meditative, it hurts, but everything is already established, and then - Bang! sometimes even after some lull, type something long bout no... - Comes. Strong, new. Confounding all so carefully built for long hours. And this is also the fear and weakness: t-a-a-to hurt, I can't stand this anymore!!! From a physiological point of view is so.In connection with the fight we have a strong feeling that is hard just to live normally. Often this feeling called pain. Now, feel the pain, the body sends out an SOS! - and he, in turn, on the secret corridors of the brain quickly sends agents - endorphins designed the same pain, natural way to soften and subjectively it is easier to feel - on assistance. Now to signal for help came to a head and the brave rescuers were going and ran into all the rest of the body - it takes time. Depending on the temperament of these charming helpers - time on it they take one or two, and sometimes seven fights. But they will come! (Pushes away if they are not harmful synthetic analogues", ugh).And this time - strengthen contractions, and respond to natural painkillers of the body and is thin, challenging, tempting our strength and faith in yourself, in nature. And are these the steps of pain, the so-called "plateau".In fact each of the steps corresponds to the three stages of labor: early (1-4), active (5-7), transitional (8-10 cm disclosure). In the early battles came the moment psychologically connected with fear: and will cope? The woman often gasps, amazed and says, if this is the first of its birth, that she wasn't so all was that feeling strongly (literally, heh) differ from those that she already thought of in connection with descriptions and training. And this is new, surprising - knocks her confused, weakens the primary inspired mood - "do it!" As the same happens if in the beginning is already so difficult? And yet there is still the strongest... It's just the body had not yet got used to the fact that giving birth, constrained all systems, you just need to wait a little, don't make instant decisions from moment - here and now - all of his birth. Not to beat their judgment as dusty bag, means fuck all. This is just the beginning, now things will get better, though. Active contractions urge us to search. Finding a comfortable position, comfortable space, "small" lighting, that these hands and this pressure, I want flavor - no I do not want anything! I then hot then cold - open all Windows and urgently give me a woolen blanket. Oh, I've umalas already all.And so at some point there comes a turning point - sometimes plachy, friendly, human. Sometimes - painful, not without tears and anger, but then acceptance. The fracture is on the adoption of it - THESE - their birth. Not those that imagined the whole pregnancy, not those that were tuned. But these, these, your still yours, and can still be anything you smiling divine light or cold and hasname.

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