Look for errors Tatarstan doctors will be the Germans

Look for errors Tatarstan doctors will be the GermansAs was announced at the session "Health as a public good", which was held on the sidelines in Kazan III International scientific-practical conference "Modern problems of life safety: present and future", even in countries with the most advanced health care system far fewer patients dying from AIDS and breast cancer than... actually from treatment.For Tatarstan topic of medical errors has recently become particularly relevant. At the end of last year of elementary flux resulted in the death of the patient in Zelenodolsk, and a resident of Kazan died from blood loss during surgery to remove the Appendix. In addition, in November for one week in the hospitals of Tatarstan for unclear reasons, died two mothers, and in February this year, presumably from her in the hospital injections killed 16-year-old girl was brought with a diagnosis of stable angina".The performances of the participants on the educational background of the dummy representing desperately in need of the patient, acquired a special meaning.Especially guest lecture from Germany Stefan Dornheim, Executive Director of the consulting company that tests medical institutions around the world concerning the safety of medical care. Himself Dornheim 13 years led one of the largest hospitals in Germany, so it is not caught with chaff.Now, according to research company in the United States from medical errors annually dies 98 thousand people, and this figure over the years has not diminished.If we decompose it by day, it turns out that almost every day the plane falls, made Rapporteur figurative comparison with the help of the interpreter.In Germany, according to him, the picture is a little better. Over the past year due to improper treatment died there 19 thousand patients. In addition, in Germany detected annually from 900 thousand to 1 million 800 thousand "unwanted consequences" inpatient treatment. In Russia Stefan Dornheim since 1996.- Now you have a highly educated and skilled doctors, said the German, addressing the Minister of health of Tajikistan. - Sometimes even better than in the West. You have a very good, modern equipment. But the most frequent, where it fails is... (here the interpreter halted a little) - the transmission of information. The failure locations of connections, Yes?- This is called the continuity of assistance between different levels of government - prompted Adel Vafin. When the patient moves.The speaker nodded and said that for this reason his company monitors all levels and aspects of care in the clinics is to find the weak link. Moreover, relying reveal it in just a few days. Dornheim already learned that in Russian clinics, the farther the patient from the operating table, the more he risks becoming a victim of incorrect treatment. In addition, the German specialists have made another discovery - Russian doctors stubbornly refuse to admit their mistakes!"Anyway, when we come to the clinic after verification of your official bodies, which did not find any medical error, we find them to 600, - gave the example of the speaker. Then he immediately suggested that 15-minute speaking time has expired.Your experience is very valuable for us, " said Mr. Dornheim goodbye Minister Adel Vafin. And I think that we will find the opportunity to discuss our cooperation.Impressed so blatant report German specialist, I break asked Tatarstan Minister whether there is in our country the same statistics on medical errors.The Ministry considers only the unwanted complications and consequences, said Vafin. But I would not like to voice these statistics. It's still professional information and it is not associated with the death of patients. And about medical errors it can only go after the investigation. But any unwanted effects - be it an anaphylactic reaction or bleeding, all they have are taken into account and it is a serious analysis with the measures in the following.- Are you ready to let specialists Mr. Dornheim in our hospitals?- Of course. Today we will discuss when and where. We are interested in this. Of course, today we are at different levels of development with Germany. But we are ready to use all their modern approaches, ready to create a similar service quality, and prepare professional experts in the institutions. Will work on the bugs.Elena MELNIKsource: www.

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