A third of parents of Russia did not have difficulties with uniforms

A third of parents of Russia did not have difficulties with uniformsOnly every 5th mother Russian students (20 percent) did not touch the issue of new standards for the school service. And they literally lucky: school uniform in their school was already and just haven't changed.30 percent of the parents did not have difficulties with finding a school uniform, however, and they complained, but the financial expenses: "Decent quality form is very expensive". Such data is a research centre recruitment portal Superjob.ru.From September 1 shall enter into force the new law "On education in the Russian Federation, regulating, in particular, and new standards for school clothes.But 24 percent of the parents say that the clothes according to the new requirements of the law and administration of the school to buy them difficult. Not particularly lucky for those whose children attended schools that were not previously showing no requirements for appearance, and in schools that have decided to change the requirements for school uniform: families have to buy a full set of clothes, which, according to respondents, comes at a price.Most often heard complaints from parents of teenagers: the domestic garment factory until, apparently, are not focused on sewing school uniforms for high school students, so it is difficult to find, especially if the child is large or high. According to parents, in the eyes of Teens school uniform attractive loses the free style service, and a desire to clothe high school students do not burn.Complicated situation and with the assimilation of new standards for school uniforms parents. Haven't heard anything about those, 21 percent of mothers of school children (In school were talking about the form, but have not decided where to stay"), and another 25 percent of respondents confessed that they had heard, but understood nothing. To clearly understand the requirements only 54 percent of the parents: "In the school at the parent meeting all clear".According to mom, basically, the administration of schools was determined by the color palette of school uniforms. Such requirement has reported 50 percent of mothers of school children. With the necessity of buying clothes of a particular style and model faced 27 percent of mothers. 16 percent of respondents reported that the school ordered them to "voluntarily" to purchase the form in a specific store, 11 percent of respondents have to buy school clothes specific factory-manufacturer.Such rigid frames give parents a reason to suspect the school administration in the so-called kickbacks from manufacturers and suppliers of school uniforms. Chevrons, badges and other insignia will be attached to school clothes for their kids 9 percent with children of school age Russian girls.Other requirements, such as ease of service and quality of the material, indicated 2% of respondents. And only 10 percent of mothers of school children have not touched any innovation, however, it is likely that such an omission school will try to catch up: "While waiting for orders from the school.".

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