"Father's daughter" Dasha Melnikova replace pregnant Asmus

As you know, Kristina Asmus now on the 6th month of pregnancy. After a month the actress to leave in the decree, therefore, was crucial to replace it in the theater. Yermolova, where is actress. While the guide does not disclose the name of the new artist that will play in the play "the Gentiles" in the new season.However, in the margins have long said that the theatre's artistic Director chose the pregnant actress young and ambitious star series "Daddy's girls" - Darya Melnikova. The main role by becoming Dasha, where the schoolgirl-wild child goes on stage in his underwear.By the way, Dasha and Christina long time friends, so Asmus was happy for her friend. However, debut role for Dasha will be fleeting, as Christina sits up not going on maternity leave, and will soon return to the theater. She has repeatedly admitted that the "Gentiles" for her mean a lot.Dasha all well formed not only in career but also in personal life. As we reported earlier, Artur Smolyaninov at the end of August married "her father's daughter". Dasha and Arthur is well known, was very friendly, talked, and recently, on the set of the series "Hetaera major Sokolov, the couple broke feelings. Surrounded by the pair say that the guys are very similar in temperament, energy, and without words to understand each other.Dasha refuses to talk to reporters on the subject - probably afraid to jinx the woman's happiness.

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