In Tatarstan in a ditch overturned bus with children: 4 children suffered

In Tatarstan in a ditch overturned bus with children: 4 children sufferedToday, about half-past nine in the evening on the 190-kilometer highway Kazan - Orenburg faced passenger car and Shuttle bus transporting children. From the blow he drove into a ditch and overturned on its right side, and the car rolled onto the roof.On the scene had to call the staff of the Ministry. Victims are not present.Yet, according to preliminary data of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia, the number of victims from 32 only four guys. The doctors diagnosed in children injuries of mild to moderate severity (mostly closed fractures) and sent Novosheshminsky CRH.Later the affected children will be sent to traumacenter Republican clinical hospital in Kazan, explain in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Tatarstan. - The other guys also taken to the hospital. They are psychologists.Here the guys will spend the night and in the morning students will be sent home in the town of Buzuluk, Orenburg region. It turned out the kids were in a car accident returning from a tour of Kazan.According to preliminary data, the culprit is the driver of your car. The scene he disappeared. But the long run it did not happen - police arrested a man after a while.From the driver of the car came a strong smell of alcohol. He was taken to the hospital for medical examination, it was confirmed in the internal Affairs of the Republic of.

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