The first in the Republic of the institution appears in kindergarten Novo-Savinov district of Kazan

The first in the Republic of the institution appears in kindergarten Novo-Savinov district of KazanIn the near future in Kazan will host the first in Tatarstan the institution. The construction works have checked today, the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, according to the Department of public relations and mass media of the Kazan city Duma.The mayor was accompanied by the head of Department for education of Executive Committee of Kazan Ilsur Khaliullin, head of Department of capital construction and reconstruction of the Executive Committee of Kazan Ilgiz Latypov, head of kindergarten в„–12 Rimma Galieva, the representatives of the construction company "Aktash".In the kindergarten в„–12, which is being built in the new Savinov area, will be a special group for psycho-educational support for families raising children with developmental problems.Kindergarten is built on a street With. Hakim near the square "Istanbul". According to Ilsur Galiullina, now in the neighborhood for about 500 children waiting for their turn in the garden."With children older than 3 years, we have no questions. In the queue only 200 children, whose parents refused the offered options. As for children aged from six weeks to three years, then the sequence is about 13 thousand," - said the head of the Department of education.Kindergarten в„–12 on street S. Hakim and kindergarten at St. Simon's are in a high degree of readiness. In the kindergarten в„–12 workers engaged in interior decoration, and then begin the landscaping work zones and adjacent areas.According to Rimma gelievoi, will be a kindergarten with the institution, that is, a separate group of short-term stay of children with disabilities together with their parents. "This will be the first institution in the Republic of Tatarstan. I study in this field in St. Petersburg, studying the experience in this sphere", - said the head of the kindergarten в„–12.She noted that the opening of the special group for children with disabilities in kindergarten is very important, because in the surrounding communities a lot of families who need specialized assistance."Here with families will engage specialists - speech therapist, pathologist, psychologist, psychiatrist. Children with disabilities will be developed together with healthy children. This allows you to resolve the issue of socialization of children with disabilities and promoting tolerance towards people with disabilities, their healthy peers," said the head of the kindergarten.Ilsur Metshin noted that in the construction process requires the participation of the head to avoid minor defects that can affect the comfort of the children in the kindergarten."It is important that at this stage you worked together with builders. Visit the already built kindergartens, talk with heads, teachers, kitchen staff. Work through all the details, while you have a chance to make adjustments," said the mayor of Kazan.Also I. Metshin mentioned the need to work on the landscaping of the adjacent territory. "Str.The sibghat Hakim is busy, so there should be planted in the framework of the "Green record" large trees in the required quantity. However, trees should not block the Playground of the kindergarten from the sun," the mayor concluded.Last year in Kazan for the elimination of priority construction began on 7 kindergartens in each district. Already entered 3 kindergartens were built under this program - Ul. lominska, Ul. Koksinsky descent and street Shamil Usmanov 120 seats each.Also this year, according to the Federal program in Kazan will start the construction of 26 new kindergartens, which will be distributed in all areas of the city, including the villages included in the city limits of Kazan: the Sheep, Kadysheva, ascension, and other. This will create 4.5 thousand new places in preschool institutions."We could not even dream about what will be able to build kindergartens in the villages. At the same time, the construction of such a large number of kindergartens is a challenge. Have to do a lot of work, but this should not suffer the quality of construction. Now it is necessary to make an examination and preparatory work for the summer during the season to complete the construction," said Ilsur Metshin.

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