Will the children healthy!

Will the children healthy!1. "The dream of hamsters". In his burrow, curled up, sleeping a little awkward hamster. He lazily turned back and carefully reached out, took a deep breath. I. p.: lying on his right side, knees drawn up toward your stomach, hands under his cheek, eyes closed.2. "Hamster stretched". All his movements are very soft, a little sleepy. I. p.: lying on back, hands at your sides, pull socks forward, hands to take back. (R. 3-4)3. "What noise?". That's sensitive ears hamster heard some noise. What's in there? I. p.: the same. The head turns left and right (drawn arc) - listens hamster. (6 p.)4. "Hurry of mink". All right, got to get out of mink. I. p.: lying on your back, arms along the body. Wriggling, moving the whole body.a) "Front legs". I. p.: the same. Raise the arms up and, alternately bending them at the elbows, conducted across the length of the arm. (4-5 R.)b) "Flank". I. p.: the same. Palm simultaneously slide on the sides up and down. (6 p.)C) "Hind legs". I. p.: the same. Bend your knees, tighten them to the stomach, grab, back in I. p. (6 p.)5. "Hamsters are playing hide and seek". I. p.: lying on his stomach, resting on bent at the elbows. Himself on outstretched arms, never taking his lower torso from the bed. (5 p.)6. "Hamster warms the tummy". I. p.: sitting on the heels, the stop arms from behind. Bend the trunk forward, up, back in I. p. (6 p.)7. "Hamster greeting neighbors." I. p.: on his knees, hands on his belt. Turns left and right with the tilt of the head.

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