Where in Kazan to take your children on a Christmas tree

Where in Kazan to take your children on a Christmas treeUnder the tree with the Smurfs!Kids will be able to help your favourite heroes to save the New year and to defeat the evil magician of GargamaleTouching cartoon about cute creatures that call themselves smurf, I love both children and adults. Little gnomes live in the depths of the forest, in the village Smurfer, where all the houses to look like large mushrooms. Every smurf is a unique character with its own history and character, everyone has their own Hobbies and interests. Just one hundred and one hundred boys and one girl. Kids combines friendship and kindness, which they generously share with all your friends and forests. Of course, there are small dirty dog, which create the Smurfs all sorts of difficulties. The most evil of their enemy - the magician Gargamel. This time his treachery has reached such an extent that he decided to spoil all the New Year and to take the place of Santa Claus!Amazing, fabulous view will make every child in the hall and laugh and sincerely to survive, and in a place with Smurfs save the holiday!The great hall of the Cultural center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of RTUl. K. Marx 26Phone (843) 512-25-35on December 27, beginning at 15.00December 28, beginning at 12.00 and 15.00December 29, beginning at 12.00 and 15.00Ticket price: from 200 to 300 rublesPhoto: www.redom.ruNew Year in pirate style with "the Secret of Treasure Island".

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