BUT THE Tatarstan authorities have announced a boycott of the "alternative" child restraint devices. The inspectors ceased to recognize the so-called "adapters" full replacement child seats and mercilessly fined drivers for their use. Those, in turn, resent on Internet forums and threaten to challenge the protocols in court. Meanwhile, since September 1, the amount of the penalty for the lack of child restraints - three thousand rubles - is comparable to the cost of the devices, the use of which at traffic raises no objections.Adapters that do not like the inspectors, usually referred to as "fests" - the name of the company, which first started to make them. Actually "fests" produces not only LLC "Company "FEST". But the authorship of that experience at the company who patented his adapter, user does not matter. Now it's more important to answer two questions: is it legal to use instead of baby car seat adapters and equivalent whether these two devices, when it comes to saving the life of a child in the car involved in the incident?The manufacturers claim that it is legal and in proof on the official website posted unreadable photo certificate of conformity No. WITH-EN.MT25.B01464, with the increase of which the text is blurred, so it is impossible to understand not only what the products meet the requirements, but also to find out what it is, in fact, for products. So the consumer is left to believe in the word that "child restraints "FEST" universal categories of class nualnoi type design guide strap 153.8217010 (group II), 1531.8217010 (groups I and II), 154.8217010 (II and III groups), 1541.8217010 (I, II and III groups), to be applied only on the seats of vehicles equipped with standard diagonal-belt" really "tested "JAFI - AUTOCUT, Kft", "TUV Rhineland InterCert, Kft and received international approval mark - E7 44R - 040802".On the website of the manufacturer of the adapter is now also scan solutions Malopurginskoe district court of the Udmurt Republic. This court on may 27, 2010 dismissed the appeal for the driver, on which the state inspector wrote the Protocol for the fact that he was carrying his four year old son in a child restraint "FEST". However, the scan is missing the mark on what a court decision entered into legal force. And from the text of the decision, it follows that the claim was satisfied because the inspector did not check "proper establishment and consolidation of devices and is not verified, as required by the standard and the SDA, weight and height of the transported child". And what is the conclusion reached by the court, execute the state inspector of all the formalities, is another question...These devices do not have a certificate of compliance with European safety standards, " says the head of the Republican GAI Rifkat Minnikhanov. - And all other certificates for us is not the case, since the national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 41.44 based on European safety standard ECE R 44/04. Manufacturer prudently makes this device the document where it is written about its compliance with the standards. Say, this paper can be shown to the inspector... I don't need to show it! That's when the carcass on the road, I'll look whether there is a sticker of conformity for the device, which was fastened a lost child!The emotions of the main gosinspektora RT can be understood: five passenger "Lada" involved in the incident in Almetievsk district on July 27 , was fastened with this adapter and died. This is the last death of a child seat using the adapter, and before that there were several such incidents.- GOST does not provide for use when transporting children adapters seatbelt, " says Rifkat Minnikhanov. In the rules of the road says that the child must be transported using a car seat or other child restraint, but under a different tool is meant booster booster cushion for children, in which the chair will not fit. Although... My height is 170 cm and I weigh 80 pounds and I sat in a child seat to check... you Know, I have it placed!According to the information of the Republican police, in December 2011 at the 50th conference of the European Association of road safety product type triangular speculation were not considered relevant European safety standard. And ten or fifteen years ago there was a curious case: manufacturer "DAEWOO Nexia" officially announced that it will withdraw from the guarantee new cars, where drivers fasten seat belts... linen clothespins. The Declaration was addressed to the Russian consumers - our automalic, in order not to hamper the freedom of movement, pricked up their record extended to the entire length of the belt clips. Koreans also found that safety belt - design is self-sufficient, and no additional bells and whistles on it is invalid. From this point of view, the gimmick in the form of an "adapter", shifting the belt away from the neck of a child, differeth nothing from a Laundry clothespins...About its reliability in the national traffic police have made your own conclusion, having to break by hand. With a good pull, they argue, the adapter disconnects from the belt... But when an accident on the adapter acts much more effort!The magazine "Auto review" in 2008, according to all the rules conducted crash tests using a variety of child restraints. Then the adapter "FEST" proved to be little better than other "alternative restraints", but worse than the usual belt. The effect of diving dummy under lap strap him appeared brighter, because the adapter tightens belt strap up. It was also found that the adapter increases the risk of abdominal trauma: soft cover virtually no redistributes the load from the belt. Conclusion independent experts then sounded unequivocally: "the fest" at least useless, and when the real disaster is a dangerous device.The price of the adapters several times lower than the price of child car seats - from 500 rubles in online stores. They are willing to acquire poor motorists and parents, have your car there, but which, sometimes, bring friends. And to a certain extent one can understand them: "fests" 't hit the buyers pocket, weigh a few hundred grams and fits easily even in small ladies ' purses. "Fests" hitting hurts - under the Duc beat, you might say. The disabled child, the baby grave in the cemetery - that's the price savings, say those who go on a deadly accident.The Rifkat Minnikhanov bloggers already accused of harsh measures against the "fests" are accepted in order to urgently fill up by fines budget. The inspectors often make their actions were perceived that way. For example, "work" bus lane at Compressing plant, standing with his back to the crowd "voting" middle of the road pedestrians. Or calmly "work" apropos pedestrians not paying attention to the race "Krasnoborov". But it seems to be when the actions of the cops explained by the desire to promote "self-sufficiency". "My mistake, people, unfortunately, realize too late," said the chief of police, who resents find money on gasoline? Price child car seat is the price of the monthly and fortnightly supply of gasoline.

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