Whether the rights protected hospitable children?

Whether the rights protected hospitable children?Questions that were addressed by annakaisa, were mainly concerned with providing orphans with housing, benefits provided to them upon admission to educational institutions, the possibility of going abroad for children under guardianship, the need to create in the city center of rehabilitation of children with disabilities.Such techniques are organized every month in different districts. Special attention is paid to the trips to distant parts of the Republic. To date, the most acute problem is providing orphans with housing. The order is very large. Therefore, the resolution of the issue has been delayed for years. The cases, when parents divorce are divided between children. When children are experiencing severe stress. Also quite often violated the rights of children to health, education. At the same time decreased the number of complaints on social security and maintenance, and it pleases. Of particular concern are cases of harsh treatment of children. It is very difficult to understand in these situations. parents who violate the rights of their child, subject to criminal liability, be familiarized with the main problems, expired station -- " at the meeting with journalists.The head of the voluntary society "Snowdrops", bringing together mothers raising children with disabilities, Elena Islamov raised a valid point.Families with children with disabilities - most of them single-parent families, and care mostly fall on the shoulders of the mother. A trip to a rehabilitation center, located in another city, requires money. And we have every penny counts. In addition, many centers do not take the child with her mother. Ineffective treatment of children, when there is no people close to them. Therefore, such a center is needed in our city, " she says.- This issue is already the twelfth year rises by the district authorities at the national level, however, there is still no positive response. Indeed, it is difficult for mothers raising children with disabilities. They solve a lot of problems, work, albeit part-time. We are working to create a center where they could leave the child at the time, " said the Deputy head of the district Executive Committee on social issues Damir Gilyazov.The centre would become a shelter for the children of neglectful parents, drinkers sing, sometimes going on a binge. And yet this noble mission performs CRH.In fact, today, 80-90 percent of orphans are children of alcoholic parents. The separation of the child from the family is a tough process. We should work to preserve the family, based on the positive experience of foreign countries, " said Commissioner on the rights of the child in the Republic of Tatarstan.Then G.

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