The mother of the children Kirkorov came to "Golden gramophone""

The mother of the children Kirkorov came to When the pop king Filipp Kirkorov was born the daughter of Alla-Victoria it was like a bomb exploded. Public "Golden gramophone" was shocked and could not wait to see the details: how did looks like, who is the mother. The birth of a son has evoked different feelings: some reacted to this event with skepticism, others rejoiced, others indifferently to hear the news: apparently, are accustomed to multiple paternity Philip Bedrosovich.Once again on the prize "Golden gramophone" from Philip waited for new sensations and the king of pop was not to deviate from the established traditions. "Philip, today will be some of the statements? Tradition should observe, he asked the host of the ceremony Ivan Urgant and Dmitriy Nagiev.What Philip said that the mother of his children present in the room: "I will Say one thing: she's here!" - Obishowed Kirkorov. This, however, the pop sensation-the king is gone: all the journalists asked him to show them the surrogate mother of his kids, or at least to hint who she is, Philip answered with a resounding "no".By the way, my son Kirkorov another mother, this explains the presence of sister Alla Victoria, who is older than his brother was only 7 months.As previously said Kirkorov in an interview with NTV, Alla-Victoria and Martin surrounded not only paternal, and maternal care. According to him, a son and daughter not only know the word "father" and "mother". However, Philip Bedrosovich does not want to show pictures of mothers with their children, so as to show pictures of mothers in full view of the whole country - it does not make sense. This is my life, this life of my children. But they are in love as a mother and a father"".

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