Christmas costumes for boys with their hands

Christmas costumes for boys with their hands1. Christmas costumes for kids. New year's robot costumeFrom cardboard boxes of different sizes and aluminum buckles for quick and easy to make new year's robot costume for a boy. Line the boxes on top of the paper silver color or paint with spray paint. Decorate the costume with colored buttons, lids from bottles, LEDs, computer boards, etc.2. Christmas costumes for boys. Baby Christmas costumes: plane, car and trainAll the boys are crazy about transport. So, certainly, any boy would be interested to participate in the Christmas costume on the theme of transport. From ordinary cardboard boxes and discarded material can make the car, plane or train. How to make improvised most of Christmas costumes with your hands you will understand, looking at the pictures below. We will give here only a link to a detailed master class on making Christmas costume train, because may be the greatest difficulty. Cm. link.To ready a carnival costume attach two straps to the child, climbing inside the box, was able to put the design on his shoulders. Will complement the image of the helmet of the pilot or fire helmet, for example.3. Christmas costumes for boys. Christmas costume rocketCardboard can make a carnival costume rocket boys. The body of the rocket - cylinder of cardboard, the top part of the cardboard cone with a hole for the face.Here's another interesting option as you can make baby new year costume on the theme of space.4. Christmas costumes with their hands. Christmas cowboy suitOriginal Christmas costume for children - brave rider on a horse or a cow (bull). To make this Christmas costume DIY, you will need jeans to make fake legs. Will complement the image of the cowboy hat, the shirt in the box and bandana on his neck. Also as the previous costumes for the New year, this suit rests on the shoulders of the child by means of straps.Source: TillSimilar articles:child Development - That should be able to make a baby. At the timing of the skillsNews - In Tatarstan was forbidden to teach children dancing on the poleNews Games with chalks on the pavementNews - Books in which the main characters of the boysNews - Age peculiarities of the development.

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