Tatarstan children will learn to build robots, starting with kindergarten

Tatarstan children will learn to build robots, starting with kindergartenTatarstan children will learn to build robots, starting with kindergarten, announced on 5 March, the Minister of education and science Engel Fattakhov at the first workshop on robotics in Kazan. The Minister is confident that this will help Tatarstan to educate engineering talent for leading enterprises of the Republic. In 2014, the development of such groups and areas of technical creativity in schools from the budget will allocate about 60 million, and to extend them to plan up to 10 thousand children.As told Engel Fattakhov, the Ministry of education and science of RT relies on the development of educational robotics to perform the instructions of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. In the fall of 2013, the head of the Republic said that in the Republic there is a shortage of specialists for industrial enterprises. MoE Tatarstan decided to prepare future engineers, starting with pre-school age. "Tatarstan is an industrial region, where actively developing engineering, petrochemistry, oil refining, aerospace. Our mission is to provide leading sectors of our economy frames. Without engineers, we can ensure the growth of industrial production", - said the head of RT Ministry of education.According to E. Fattakhova, 2013 and 2014 in Tatarstan announced years of mathematics and physics. In addition to mathematics, the Minister noted that special attention is now paid to such disciplines as engineering graphics and development of technical creativity. The Minister is confident that the children will be passionate about the educational process and teachers will be able to identify the talents of his players and, consequently, their future profession.He said that for the last 2 years the Republic has opened 38 basic grounds for doing technical work, about 300 technical circles. Funding appropriate program "School after school", he said, in the last 2 years has exceeded 350 million. In 2014, the development of TechTarget and robotics, it is planned to allocate about 60 million rubles.To open the space or circle of technical creativity, told E. Fattakhov, the school must win in the contest. Educational institution, past the competition, receives from the Ministry of education 3-5 million on opening."We had a goal in each municipality to open such a basic site and to determine the leading school develops children's technical creativity. And robotics, we believe the basis for development in this direction," said Engel Fattakhov. Answering the question RBC Tatarstan, the Minister said that the country plans to increase educational capacity in this direction over the next 5 years.As reported in an interview with RBC Tatarstan Deputy Minister of education and science of RT Svetlana Giniatullin, 2014 in the Republic will open another 11 sites where children can learn science, designing robots. As a result, will be covered each of the 49 municipalities of the Republic of Tajikistan, including each of the districts of Kazan.Currently, according to him, the project has already covered about 4.5 thousand students in the coming years, according to forecasts of the Ministry of education of RT, robotics will start not less than 10 thousand Tatarstan children. For teachers, according to C. Giniatullin, Kazan, N. Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk and organized training for in-demand professions, shipbuilding, automobile and aeromodelling and others. Currently training were already about 200 teachers who teach children the basics of technical creativity.According to S. Giniatullin, technical creativity of pupils actively support enterprises of the Republic. Only the school that enlisted the support of a partner, she said, can claim the opening area of TechTarget. "ICL-KPO VS, Kazan helicopter plant, KMPO, Almetyevsk Radiopribor plant, KB Tupolev, Kazan "Enics" cooperate with schools in the development of technical creativity, - said S. giniatullin in Naberezhnye Chelny KAMAZ has allocated 700 thousand rubles. In 2013, companies co-financing such projects received about 12 million rubles: cash and supplies for creativity, and equipment.As noted by the Deputy Director General of JSC "ICL-KPO VS" Eugene Stepanov, it is important not only to teach children mathematics, physics, mechanics. For the education of future good people, he said, we need new methods, and robots have become part of almost all spheres of life.

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