Large family Kazan today will be able to select land in the village Sakura

Large family Kazan today will be able to select land in the village SakuraIn large families Kazan today have the opportunity to choose land in the village Sakura Laishevsky district of Tatarstan. This was announced at the business Monday at city hall.The Chairman of the Committee of land and imodeling relations of the Executive Committee of Kazan Ratmir company reminded participants that in order to ensure families land Executive Committee of the city is developing a 2-site - in Vysokogorsky region (300 ha) and Laishevo region RT (166 ha). On Vysokogorsky district formed 1835 land plots for individual housing construction. Was invited 4120 families of them 1732 family chose the land, and made 1644 resolution of the Executive Committee."In relation to land in Sokurah plan to generate 1100 land. At present provided in the municipal property of the first land of the three part 166 hectares, which is delimited on 462 of the land," - said the speaker.Ratmir the company noted that the selection procedure starts from today. Scheduled date of election: 7 to 11 and 14 to 17 October. According to him, it is planned to take every day for 50 people with an interval of 8 minutes. Lists are formed, is placed on the website of the Committee, also posted to the General plan of the land and block diagram of the first complex", - said the speaker."The beginning of land distribution in Laishevsky district families waited for a long time. Many were abandoned plots in Kamarah", said mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin. He noted with regret that the legal procedures for the transfer of land from one owner to another and other bureaucratic issues took a lot of time. "But the main thing is the result," added the mayor. Ilsur Metshin has set a target that all procedures related to the allocation, selection of land to large families, were organized perfectly. "Crowds shouldn't be," he set the task, the mayor of Kazan.

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