Terrorists deprived baby food

Terrorists deprived baby foodTo consult with the airport staff reporter "VK" made, strangely, the abundance of water in the Directive of the Federal air transport Agency. The fact that it called its ban on the carriage of liquids "full" (say, no more of that liquid, which would not need to take the Luggage). But at the same time specified that "the necessary fluids and hygiene products are not prohibited." In other words, as in the expression "death can not be pardoned". After all, aboard whom Valerian required, and to whom, and a bottle of vodka sorely needed. Exactly what Sony had in mind? Moreover, it was not clear what to do to the passenger, which has no baggage, but there is only one tiny hand baggage? The bubble to pass the inspection?Call service airport, as usual, nothing unexpected has brought. First sent out. In the airport: "Come and see. There (where? - A. W.) all posted and written." But then a woman from the referral service still took pity and explained that "alcohol can take, but only three bottles. "Drugs?" - I inquired. "Not more than 200 ml. And not sealed in plastic bag. But in the original packaging. But unopened. And without a check on the purchase of the drug. And what about help from the doctor about this medication do not know".By the way, in a minute with the same conviction in the company's carrier "North wind" reported that vodka can really take, but 2 liters, and medications are allowed for a pint on the nose. However on sites other carriers already contained a statement that a check on the drug and the physician's (of course!) urgently needed, and the physician should not the recipe to discharge passengers and airport employees to draw the conclusion that in those hours of flight this medication should you drink on acute vital necessity.Needless to say that after reading different sites and after calls to different companies-carriers in my head was full pluralism. I also added questions on bags, which should (should not?) packaging liquids, and in places where they should (should not?) to take (or buy?).Complete similarity at all sites and across all services was only one: to prevent terrorist attack using explosives on Board passengers are strictly no-take baby food. This is quite specifically and accurately. Baby jelly - in baggage! And poresky too, definitely!To comfort correspondent "VC", airport officials gave at the end of everyday conversation tip: say, before the flight, better call the carrier company, on the airplane you will fly. And follow their rules. And if on inspection you suddenly have problems, then call their representative - perhaps they will understand.

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