Feofilaktova of "House-2" threw son on his birthday

Feofilaktova of Razbivatelja hearts Eugene Feofilaktova, one of the brightest members of the controversial TV show "Dom-2", a year and a half ago she married her beloved Anton Gusev. 6 months after the wedding, Jane gave birth to her son Daniel.Parents Guseva always belonged to this Union skeptical, despite the assistance of the young. After the birth of his grandson mother-in-law insisted on the procedure of DNA to his grandson, to establish the fact that the true paternity. Eugene this fact angered to the depth of dose and she has stopped communicating with my mother Anton. Anton was also against the procedure, because, in his opinion, the similarity with Daniel in the face.Recently Eugene and had forgotten about the next birth date of his son. As is known, up to a year roditeli each month to celebrate the birthdays of their children. Naturally, Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev could not fail to note the 9 months of her son Daniel. Only the birthday was on this day abandoned by their parents, who went to have fun. Of course, fans of the couple were confused, because parents in this day, on the contrary, I want to stay with the child.After that, fans of the project suggested that Eugene is not the mother of Daniel - the pregnancy was conceived, and gave birth to a son is actually her sister Natasha, who was also on the project and nursed the boy. This may not be true, as Feofilaktova being pregnant, not once participated in photo shoots.

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