The MPs want the spring to return the "winter time""

The MPs want the spring to return the What time will live Russians? It would seem that this question has already been closed year - round "summer time" refused to cancel more than once. And so on Monday, 23 December, it was reported that deputies may spring to adopt a law on the return of the "winter time". This was stated by a member of the state Duma Committee on health protection Olga Krasilnikov."Return to winter time waiting for many voters, and in our health Committee received many letters with such a request, the Russians complain of chronic lack of sleep and fatigue," said Olga Konstantinovna. However, she added that due to the cancellation of the "winter time" the Russians are forced to go to bed and stay in constant darkness, in the dark to get to work, according to RIA Novosti.Recall, back in December of last year, the state Duma deputies asked the government to return the hands, however, the Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who introduced this law in 2011, has decided not to change anything.READ MOREExperts know: when is the best time - summer or winter?Andrey Panin, candidate of geographical Sciences, associate Professor of geomorphology and paleogeography of the geographical faculty of Moscow state University:Any system with something better, something worse, and this perception is very individual. Winter gives more early dawn in winter, but it gets dark earlier. But in the summer it definitely steals the evening light clock. The consequence is the growth of an accident, including human life, the growth of street crime, reducing opportunities for a healthy lifestyle (after work instead of walking to the TV). So I would question put this way: in the summer you have to live for the summer time. But for the winter we have a choice: either to endure more dark mornings in winter, to develop some measures to help people who from her really suffer (many suffer from discharge fears), or return the switch to winter time, the harm of which is as little ground swelled, as it is now - the damage from constantly-summer time.Psychotherapist Vagin believes that eternal summer" does not influence badly on the human bodySummer time does not affect adversely on the human body. So said in an interview with radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" psychotherapist Igor Vagin:A man gets used to anything. But cost is not very convenient. Because they are in this time live, and we live in another time. I mean Europe. Now here we have a really problem with them for us to communicate will be more difficult. And then, I understand that the computers that are charged for this moment, and all vehicles already in the world works with the change of time.

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