Latest news about pay increases for kindergartens in the Republic of Tajikistan

Latest news about pay increases for kindergartens in the Republic of TajikistanReception of citizens in the office of the President of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tajikistan held by Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov.The event was held in the video conference with the municipal districts, which are home to the applicants. In General, all citizens, heard today, related to the theme preschool educational institutions.So, a young mother from Naberezhnye Chelny asked about the opening of a 25-m residential neighborhood kindergarten. She, in particular, proposed for this purpose to use the building of the former kindergarten, which in the 90-ies was sold to entrepreneurs and is now in commercial operation.The mayor of Naberezhnye Chelny Vasil shajhraziev reported that preliminary negotiations with the owner of the building carried out, the necessary funds to purchase the premises and bring it into proper condition.Rustam Minnikhanov gave the instruction to allocate funds for these purposes that the object was commissioned by July 2014. It is assumed that the new kindergarten in the 25th residential neighborhood Naberezhnye Chelny will be calculated for 260 children.From Elabuga in touch with the President of the Republic of Tatarstan in the videoconference came the mother of a child attending kindergarten в„–12 "Sun". She said that in 2015, the building will be 50 years old, and nursery needs in cosmetic repair, replacement of internal wiring.Chapter Elabuga district, the mayor of the city Gennady Emelyanov reported that repairs need about 4.5 million rubles, today they are visiting 127 children. Rustam Minnikhanov gave the order to allocate all the necessary tools for repair of the kindergarten.The third was of the applicant held by the district with the question about the provision of educational toys kindergarten village Old Russian Mamadazimov. According to her, today toys are bought by means of parents, also want to develop children used modern online games.Tatarstan President gave the order to raise money and asked to send in the kindergarten of the village of Old Russian Mamadazimov interactive games and educational toys.Family from the village of Lower Elm Zelenodolsk district, thanked the leadership of the Republic for the repair of the kindergarten "poplar" and asked about studying in kindergartens of the state languages of the Republic of Tatarstan.Rustam Minnikhanov agreed with the parents that the children of today have already in kindergarten to learn Russian and Tatar languages as well as English. "Today, representatives of all nationalities need to create opportunities to learn their native languages," said the President of Tatarstan, including Mari, Udmurt, Chuvash - places of their compact residence on the territory of the Republic. Minister of education and science Engel Fattakhov for videoconferencing said that the question of studying in kindergartens of the state languages of the Republic of Tatarstan is implemented in the framework of the program "Kelechek".The applicant from the village of Old drozhzhanoe asked about increasing the salaries of chefs kindergartens in connection with high load.The last applicant was the father of many children from Kazan, who proposed to consider the question of raising parent fees for kindergartens, and the increase in the cost of speech therapy groups in pre-school educational institutions. Rustam Minnikhanov promised to carefully consider all the issues discussed Kazanets the father of three children. President of Tatarstan asked to take control of increasing parent fees for kindergartens, especially for large families with three or more children.The results today of reception of citizens will be drawn up instructions of the President of RT.

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