Unexpected facts about breastfeeding

Unexpected facts about breastfeedingProlonged breastfeeding has long-term effect on blood pressure in childrenIt is well known that breastfeeding supports health breast feeding baby. But it is also considered that all bonuses breastfeeding disappear from his end, and even earlier, because "after a year of breast-milk anything useful there". Actually, of course, the benefits of breast milk does not disappear rapidly as soon as the child turns a year (or two, or three...) and prolonged breast-feeding has a very long-term consequences for the child. So, the Japanese study, which was divided 377 pairs of mother-child groups short (average of 5.1 months) and long (average of 11.3 months) of breastfeeding, found that already at the age of 7 blood pressure in the group of prolonged breast-feeding was significantly lower than in the short. And these results did not depend on body mass at birth, which allowed the researchers to talk about the protective effect of prolonged breastfeeding on high blood pressure in children (Hosaka M et al, 2013).Children who were breast-fed, better educatedA large array of data shoveled Australian researchers, proving this thesis in several directions. The group of 1038 children (Oddy et al 2011) studied academic achievement at the age of 10 years in connection with the duration of breastfeeding. After amendments were made to family income, maternal factors and early development of the house, it was found that breastfeeding for longer than six months is especially important for boys: literally each additional month of breastfeeding was associated with better success in mathematics, reading and spelling. Another Australian study, which included 2868 children (Whitehouse et al 2010) was focused specifically on language abilities. Children breastfed for more than 6 months received significantly higher scores on the language tests in 5 years and even more significant difference was demonstrated in 10 years. This led scientists to the conclusion that breastfeeding in infancy for a longer period has a positive influence on the development of language abilities in children. Contrary to common myths we "breastfeeding inhibits the development of the child! And while you're breastfeeding, you have to talk normally begin!".

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