Passenger "Bulgaria": Eyes every baby the music room I will remember all my life

Passenger Exactly 10 am. Hall in the Palace "Yunost", where there is consideration of the "case of "Bulgaria", completed not more than a quarter. All the victims: miraculously survived during the collapse of the relatives of those who died.Five of the accused at the opposite end of the hall. Four, including the Sublessee ship Svetlana Inyakin, custody. One former Executive officer of the captain Ramil hometow under house arrest.This time the process began with judges comments:- I wonder: is it hard to find time to come and give evidence? The question arises: who we tighten trial?The question sounded quite reasonable: if that victims want as quickly as possible to investigate the case themselves are not in the courtroom!We have in the case is 184 victims, said "KP" assistant Tatar transport Prosecutor Eugene Dikarev.- Before the survey 109 witnesses and study of 100 volumes with the case, it is necessary to listen to all the victims.The prosecution intends to prove the guilt of each defendantPhoto: Vladimir VYRUCHAEVNext time do not appear in the court of risk to get there under the supervision of police officers."THEY SHOULD PAY THE SAME PRICE!".

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