Laysan utiasheva first unveiled pregnant pictures

Laysan utiasheva first unveiled pregnant picturesWe already wrote about that Laysan utiasheva and Paul Will become parents. The birth of their child from the very beginning was shrouded in mystery. First, the pair played secret wedding. About their new status became known, when Laysan at the 7th month of pregnancy went to Italy, and then in Miami to give birth.Secondly, neither Laysan, or Paul did not make official statements about the birth of the boy. This was announced by chance, bragged to people close to the star couple. Later, when information began to hide pointless, Irina Viner, coach gymnasts, said Laysan actually became a mother. Read more -->

Complications of flu - pneumonia

Complications of flu - pneumoniaWhat is pneumonia and where are they?Of course, of pneumonia, it is best to know only in theory, never in practice it is not met, as it is a disease in kids sometimes can be even fatal. Pneumonia is a viral, microbial, or any other inflammation of the lung tissue, resulting in impaired respiratory function of the lungs and causing dramatic shifts in metabolism. But if you now to ask whether you know exactly how it will manifest pneumonia, not all of you will be able to call her signs and symptoms.But statistics on pneumonia is not very comforting - at least three of the five children during childhood at least once suffered pneumonia, and is particularly often develop pneumonia in children at an early age, up to three to five years, when the body is still very immature and sensitive to many external influences. With all of this pneumonia in children are quite different from those in adults because children's bodies are significantly different from the adult body and has imperfect immunity. It is therefore extremely important issues timely diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia, as pneumonia threaten the health and even the lives of kids. In the initial stages of pneumonia fairly easy to confuse with symptoms of respiratory infections or bronchitis. Read more -->

Marriage alliances will begin to check for fiction

Marriage alliances will begin to check for fictionThe concern of law enforcement agencies has caused a rapidly increasing number of marriages by going with the citizens of CIS countries and Turkey. This was stated by the Prosecutor of the Republic of Ildus Nafikov at the seminar prosecutors.According to the Department the registry office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Tatarstan in 2013 was registered 971 marriage with foreign citizens, whereas in 2012 and the number did not exceed 700.At the moment the procedure of verification of such marriages is under development, according to assistant Prosecutor Ruslan Galiev.In December 2013 the state Duma was introduced a bill on criminal responsibility of foreigners who have acquired citizenship through fictitious marriage. . . . . Read more -->

A police officer from Mari El took the woman to the hospital, while her husband waited for the arrival of the Cops

A police officer from Mari El took the woman to the hospital, while her husband waited for the arrival of the CopsYescarolina drove his wife to the hospital, when suddenly the street started to cross the pedestrian. The man slowed down to skip person. Meanwhile, the driver of "VAZ-21099", who rode after him, hesitated and did not have time to slow down, relish crashing into the bumper polite motorist.While the men waited for the arrival of police, the woman was getting worse. Fortunately, the DPS crew arrived pretty quickly. Inspector romance Novels noticed the car "emergency" and began to understand the situation. Seeing that a pregnant woman harder to be in the car, and realizing that ambulance in traffic jams will get a very long time, he made the right decision.- Lieutenant of police Novels caused additional outfit police for registration of accidents and transplanted a woman in the service crew. Read more -->

Today in Kazan will host a rally in support of Russian language and Federal legislation

Today in Kazan will host a rally in support of Russian language and Federal legislationAs reported by one of the organizers of the event, the Chairman of the Society of Russian culture Kazan Michael goldfinches, may 28, issued a draft of the new Republican law "On education". However, all the aspirations of the Russian speaking community in "a wise decision of the fair authorities" were in vain. "The project retains all the old rules in "language," explained goldfinches. In particular, the newly dictates runobject teaching of the state language, and indicates that the Tatar language is studied and taught in all schools in accordance with the Republican 1992 law "On languages"."In the preparation of this draft law was not part of either the Russian-speaking community, neither the parent community. It says nothing about the right of students of the Republic of Tatarstan to study Russian language in the same volume, as it is studied by students across Russia, - said the Chairman of ORCC. - This question remained unresolved, while in the Republic of going prosecution of parents raising this issue.The society of Russian culture of Tatarstan may 29, held a public hearing, which was hosted by the Federal expert on the problems of national education in Russia Olga Artemenko. Read more -->

This year it is planned to open 9 kindergartens in the Soviet area

This year it is planned to open 9 kindergartens in the Soviet areaIt should be noted that in this format have already reported to the inhabitants of almost all the heads of district administrations of the capital of Tatarstan. They reported on what the past year was significant for areas of shared plans for the future. "For us, this year was marked by medicine," said the head of the administration of the Soviet district.He recalled that in the neighborhood "Azino-1" opened children's clinic, day hospital, which became a branch of the children's Republican clinical hospital, completed the construction of the extension to city polyclinic в„–8 (Ul. Truth, 13), the reconstruction of the building of the former student clinic on Popova street, where he moved polyclinic в„–6. In addition, in 2013 was built and the beginning of reception of citizens health clinic in the village of Nagorny. "We hope that this positive trend will continue in 2014," said R. Read more -->

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