Sasha Savelieva of "Factory" boasted pregnant belly

Sasha Savelieva of The soloist of the group "Factory" Sasha Savelieva I got married in April 2010 for his beloved star of TV series "Tatyana's day" Kirill Safonov.3 years later after the wedding Sasha boasted pregnant belly, which, as it turned out, she needed only for shooting. Fans also hope, that a video will be prophetic, and soon Sasha will have the true stomach.Sasha and Kirill met in a nightclub, and at first glance didn't even know each other: Sasha never seen the show "Tatiana's day", and Cyril was not interested in show business and did not know that this girl is the star of the group "Factory". Brought lovers producer Katherine von gechman-Waldeck, who are well acquainted with Sasha, and with Cyril. She gave the actor the telephone singer, he sent her an SMS, then young people are met, and theirs was a frantic affair.Already three weeks after exploring Savelyeva introduced to Cyril with his parents. . . Read more -->

What to remember divorced woman?

What to remember divorced woman?Not offer himself as a sacrifice childNo matter how dear to you baby, he is a separate being. To live with the feeling that you bring the sacrifice of himself, is unacceptable. First, it greatly diminishes you as a person. And it is important to grow next to an interesting person, whom he could respect and who would be proud of.Secondly, in the sacrifice of the mother is always present some unconscious cunning: it means "cost" of the child. In response to your sacrifices, your parent "Ministry" from it will require perfect obedience and following your will and vital issues in the details. This may or explosion in adolescence or conflict around the forthcoming marriage of the child or deformity of his person, the lack of ability to a willful decision.Children "sacrificial" mothers just grow infantile, unable to create families of their own. Read more -->

French doctors are trying to save the daughter Konchalovsky

French doctors are trying to save the daughter KonchalovskyThe daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky and Yulia Vysotskaya - 14-year-old Maria is in a coma for nearly two months. The tragedy occurred on 12 October in France, Mary was not fastened, and has suffered the most, having received a head injury.Immediately after the accident, Mary fainted, she was evacuated by helicopter to a hospital in Marseille. In her state of health until there is no change. Maria is in a coma, "hard-stable" condition.According to preliminary, unconfirmed information, umasi konchalovskaya severely damaged brain. At the moment nobody knows whether it is in a normal coma and the doctors brought her into a coma artificial. The hope of salvation is, in medicine known cases of a longer stay in a coma. Read more -->

The volunteer movement develop in the camp of "Dobrogea" RT

The volunteer movement develop in the camp of The specialists of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Tatarstan visited the village. It Vysokogorsky district, where Republican summer camp "Dobrogea".In the camp participates socially active young people, activists volunteering schools, secondary special educational institutions and public organizations. Just camp 53 people aged 14-18 from 18 municipalities of the Republic of Tajikistan.This year for the development of the volunteer movement organizer of the camp, regional youth public organization "centre for the development of volunteering in the Republic of Tatarstan, were selected 3 main projects: "Volunteers for children", "Green Republic" and "All the colors of the world".About environmental projects, programs and actions implemented in the RT Ministry of ecology, told senior Advisor of the Department of environmental education and interaction with public organizations Elena Gilmanova.Of particular interest was caused by an Open national youth contest of social and ecological advertising "Clean look" and the annual Republican competition "ECOleader" and "Man and nature".The participants of the camp, in turn, told about the ideas aimed at improving the ecological situation in the Republic.So, Yegor Vasylyev from Spassky municipal district presented the project "give the bottle a second life!", which is being actively implemented in schools and kindergartens Spassky district. And Israel Shayakhmetova of Elabuga spoke about the improvement of children's playgrounds and courtyards using recycled materials. . . Read more -->

Zhanna Friske finally settled in Moscow

Zhanna Friske finally settled in MoscowNovember 7, son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev turned 7 months. Young parents are in no hurry to show histhe heir. Even the question about the nurse was perceived categorically in the negative. Jeanne decided to become an exemplary mother and was in no hurry to get back to work, creating for a child the most comfortable conditions. In Miami to visit Plato was periodically visited by native Jeanne - mom, dad, sister. Here, fresh air, the best medicine in the world.The singer has long promised to return to Moscow, but still didn't return. Read more -->

In Tatarstan during the week mites bitten 48 children

In Tatarstan during the week mites bitten 48 childrenFrom 10 to 16 June in hospital Tatarstan addressed 143 people about sucking ticks, including 48 children, the press service of the administration of Rospotrebnadzor on RT. . . . . . Read more -->

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