The Board of Directors of OAO Tatneft discussed the results of the company for the year 2012

The Board of Directors of OAO Tatneft discussed the results of the company for the year 2012During the meeting discussed the results of financial-economic activity of JSC Tatneft in 2012. Last year at the company's fields produced 26 million 5 thousand tons of oil, which is higher than the indicator of 2011 to 77 thousand tons Over the plan produced 605 thousand tons of oil. Commissioned 303 producing wells.This is an incomplete text of the news. . . . Read more -->

Daughter Konchalovsky will be able to recover from coma

Daughter Konchalovsky will be able to recover from comaThe daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky and Yulia Vysotskaya is in a coma for 29 days. Girl seriously injured in a traffic accident on October 12 of this year. She was not wearing and suffered most of all.Now for the life and health of 14-year-old Mary Mikhalkova-Konchalovsky fight the best doctors in the hospital. Doctors did not give any comments, besides the fact that Maria serious but stable.But now they make the first predictions of the girl's health. According to them, if 14-year-old Masha come to her, apparently, will need serious rehabilitation period, but still full recovery for you.Long coma threatening complications and psychological, and physical. First of all disturbed speech. Read more -->

The results of the audit costs for the Universiade-2013 will announce in September

The results of the audit costs for the Universiade-2013 will announce in SeptemberKAZAN, may 6 - RIA Novosti, Natalia Spiridonova. The results of the audit of budget funds for the organization of the XXVII world summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan will fail in September, said the Chairman of the accounts chamber of Russia Sergey Stepashin.According to him, the joint venture of the Russian Federation together with JV Tatarstan constantly monitors the preparations for the Universiade, which will take place from 6 to 17 July."I can say that don't expect any serious issues. The leadership of the Republic, the government is very quick to react to those comments, which we Express, and this work is bearing fruit," said Stepashin reporters in Kazan after visiting several venues of the upcoming Games and meeting with President of Tatarstan Rustam Miniconvention Republic of Tatarstanowi about personalstatus Minnikhanov.Stepashin said that the President of Russia on March 19, signed a decree, which proposes the design of the stadium "Kazan-arena" to use as a model in preparation for the world football championship 2018. "The price is about 15 billion rubles, while in St. Petersburg, for example, was declared value 44 billion rubles. And we decided to start now to prepare conclusions for the projects of new stadiums in the cities, which will host the 2018 world Cup. Read more -->

Terrible accident in Tatarstan: the infant in a coma

Terrible accident in Tatarstan: the infant in a comaon 22 June, the 21-kilometer highway bazarnye mataki - Mamytova caused a serious accident, according to the resource "Chistopol " Izvestia".Renault Logan and "six" do not share the road, causing the last of them flew into a ditch. In the car were three adults and kids 7 and 6 years and an infant. In the accident, the infant suffered severe traumatic brain injury and is now in a coma.According to preliminary data, the blame for the collision, the driver of the car Renault Logan, who had not given way.Earlier, the portal reported that the Asgat Safarov presented data suggesting that RT decreased the number of accidents, but increased mortality.Source: news. . . . Read more -->

Olga Shelest for 15 years refuses to marry

Olga Shelest for 15 years refuses to marryDirector Alexey Tishkin and Olga Shelest live in a civil marriage for 15 years. All this time the lovers did not think about the wedding.Once the turning point in the relationship between the couple was a joint vacation in Ireland. While walking around Dublin Alexei suddenly knelt in the middle of the street and offered the favorite to become his wife. About the seriousness said box with the wedding ring, which he took from his jacket. Romantic thing led Murmur in delight, and she immediately said Yes, but the wedding never took place. Why? Olga said in an interview with the "Antenna":"Recently discussed the topic of weddings in the "Girls" and found that Mitrofanova against terror with drunken relatives, Tutu was a quiet family party, and Alla Dovlatov managed to play two weddings! And I realized that it was a Grand event requires more witnesses than we have with Alex at the moment. Read more -->

A child who revels in newfound power, introduces parents in the twilight state

to exit from this state will help them cool if they understand what incredible courage required of him to go to the stage of denial.. . . . . . Read more -->

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