Large family Kazan today will be able to select land in the village Sakura

Large family Kazan today will be able to select land in the village SakuraIn large families Kazan today have the opportunity to choose land in the village Sakura Laishevsky district of Tatarstan. This was announced at the business Monday at city hall.The Chairman of the Committee of land and imodeling relations of the Executive Committee of Kazan Ratmir company reminded participants that in order to ensure families land Executive Committee of the city is developing a 2-site - in Vysokogorsky region (300 ha) and Laishevo region RT (166 ha). On Vysokogorsky district formed 1835 land plots for individual housing construction. Was invited 4120 families of them 1732 family chose the land, and made 1644 resolution of the Executive Committee."In relation to land in Sokurah plan to generate 1100 land. At present provided in the municipal property of the first land of the three part 166 hectares, which is delimited on 462 of the land," - said the speaker.Ratmir the company noted that the selection procedure starts from today. Scheduled date of election: 7 to 11 and 14 to 17 October. Read more -->

12-year-old granddaughter Rotaru struck by the beauty of Karl Lagerfeld

12-year-old granddaughter Rotaru struck by the beauty of Karl Lagerfeld12-year-old granddaughter Sofia Rotaru is preparing to become a model. One of the fashion shows in Paris, was noticed by Karl Lagerfeld. He noted how beautiful the girl is, and how carefully matched her outfit. With this data in a couple of years she will be able to become a professional model. Master the fashion industry has given the girl a fashion book with his autograph.By the way, Sofia Rotaru very generous grandmother and mother. So, his son Ruslan she gives birthday watch for 20 thousand Euro, and grandson Fraction sends studying in a prestigious school in the UK, and education abroad, as you know, is a lot of money.On the 12th anniversary of caring grandmother Sofia Mikhailovna fulfilled a longtime dream of his Sony. Read more -->

81 times per week Kazan ambulance went to childbirth

81 times per week Kazan ambulance went to childbirthFrom 17 to 23 February physicians Kazan ambulance made 9007 calls from them on accidents - 923, the press service of the Ministry of health of Tatarstan.34 times medics ambulance Kazan went to the accident, they were injured 39 people, 16 delivered in medical institutions.The fire brigade ambulance made, exit 24, they suffered 3 people.81 call is made on delivery. . . . . . Read more -->

Tatarstan children will learn to build robots, starting with kindergarten

Tatarstan children will learn to build robots, starting with kindergartenTatarstan children will learn to build robots, starting with kindergarten, announced on 5 March, the Minister of education and science Engel Fattakhov at the first workshop on robotics in Kazan. The Minister is confident that this will help Tatarstan to educate engineering talent for leading enterprises of the Republic. In 2014, the development of such groups and areas of technical creativity in schools from the budget will allocate about 60 million, and to extend them to plan up to 10 thousand children.As told Engel Fattakhov, the Ministry of education and science of RT relies on the development of educational robotics to perform the instructions of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. In the fall of 2013, the head of the Republic said that in the Republic there is a shortage of specialists for industrial enterprises. MoE Tatarstan decided to prepare future engineers, starting with pre-school age. "Tatarstan is an industrial region, where actively developing engineering, petrochemistry, oil refining, aerospace. Read more -->

Kazan in the top ten cities in Russia for tourism of children

Kazan in the top ten cities in Russia for tourism of childrenThis year the children's network of tourist routes in Russia expanded to 6. Now, in addition to St. Petersburg, the Golden ring, the far East, Yasnaya Polyana, Russia, Moscow and Kazan. On this eve said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets at the meeting dedicated to children's tourism."Registered a number of new routes, they are ready. It is traditional for Russia, routes, and now they will be specialized routes for tourism of children. Moscow, Golden ring, Yasnaya Polyana, the treasures of ancient Kazan and specialized route to the Far East - it will start in Vladivostok, and then it will be added to all Kamchatka," says her statement to RIA "Novosti".Last year was implemented a pilot project to launch tourist route for children. Read more -->

Christmas costumes for boys with their hands

Christmas costumes for boys with their hands1. Christmas costumes for kids. New year's robot costumeFrom cardboard boxes of different sizes and aluminum buckles for quick and easy to make new year's robot costume for a boy. Line the boxes on top of the paper silver color or paint with spray paint. Decorate the costume with colored buttons, lids from bottles, LEDs, computer boards, etc.2. Christmas costumes for boys. Read more -->

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