In the next two years in Kazan will be constructed and repaired at least 20 kindergartens

In the next two years in Kazan will be constructed and repaired at least 20 kindergartensOver the next two years 20-25 kindergartens Kazan plans to build or to renovate the building to create additional groups. This was announced during today's business Monday in city hall.Due to the active work of the Ministry of education and science of the construction and renovation of kindergartens in Kazan become a long-term program, said the first Deputy head of the Executive Committee of Kazan Azat Nigmatzyanov.He said that today form the list of objects, planned in 2014 for the construction, capital repair and placement of additional groups. Considering the fact that the program is the development of a regional system of preschool education for the period until 2015, he summoned now to deal with the selection of land plots for objects of future construction. To this end, heads of districts and district education Department should introduce your plans and proposals.In turn, the mayor Ilsur Metshin said that next year they plan a serious program. She is already formed, but if necessary, can still be adjusted. The document should be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of RT and the RT President. Read more -->

Up to what age are fed in Russia mother's milk. Facts

Up to what age are fed in Russia mother's milk. FactsMost expectant mothers are preconfigured to breastfeeding, but, as practice shows, not always in the mood coincides with reality. Although the "gold standard" is considered to be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life, and then continued breastfeeding up to 2 years and beyond by mutual desire of the mother and the child, but generally this situation is still very, very far away. According to global statistics, on average, only 34.6% of infants under six months are exclusively breastfed (from 43.2 per cent for South-East Asia to 17.7% in the European region). In Russia the situation is even worse: according to the 2010 exclusively or predominantly breastfed at the age of six months receive only 5.2%.Of course, it would be very interesting to know why, despite the intention of mothers to breastfeed in most cases this does not happen? This situation concerns not only us, but also advocates breastfeeding around the world. Unfortunately, in Russia, studies on this issue have not yet been done, though, with these we are more in need of the answer to this question. Read more -->


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