Zhanna Friske refused for son movie

Zhanna Friske refused for son movieAs previously reported, Zhanna Friske was supposed to fly to Moscow from the US to shoot the film in early July. Supposedly the artist was supposed to appear on the set for participation in the film "Quartet", known to viewers of the film "what men talk About", "Day of radio" and "election Day". In the movie Friske was supposed to appear in the new masterpiece "Faster than rabbits" in just 30 seconds and play with herself.For the singer shooting transferred several times. However, Friske, made for themselves neprosta the decision to abandon filming. Will Jeanne replace the same original girl, not yet known.And while the singer spends all his time in Miami with her three-month-old son of Plato. For the first time after birth, the singer will take the stage soon - July 27, in the framework of the song contest "New wave"". Read more -->

In schools of Kazan has implemented a system of inclusive education

In schools of Kazan has implemented a system of inclusive educationIn the educational organizations of the Soviet district of Kazan will be implemented inclusive education system. This was on an extended field meeting of the Council of the Public chamber of trade said today Deputy head of the district administration, ISilo Khamzina and head of Department of education district of Venus Nureyev.Inclusive education involves teaching children with disabilities are not specialized, but in regular school. However, they can still get an education and in special institutions.Experts say that healthy children enrolled in this system, you receive more sympathy, empathy and understanding (empathy), they become sociable and tolerant. In addition, inclusive education dramatically reduces hierarchical manifestations in the educational team.During the field session, the participants visited the special (correctional) boarding school for children with hearing them.Swallow school No. 72, where they talked about how the socialization of children, the organization of educational process in the school with different groups of learners, and presented examples of the use of modern interactive technologies of distance education of children with disabilities. Students, in turn, showed their creative talents and knowledge in the open classes. Read more -->

In Tatarstan in a ditch overturned bus with children: 4 children suffered

In Tatarstan in a ditch overturned bus with children: 4 children sufferedToday, about half-past nine in the evening on the 190-kilometer highway Kazan - Orenburg faced passenger car and Shuttle bus transporting children. From the blow he drove into a ditch and overturned on its right side, and the car rolled onto the roof.On the scene had to call the staff of the Ministry. Victims are not present.Yet, according to preliminary data of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia, the number of victims from 32 only four guys. The doctors diagnosed in children injuries of mild to moderate severity (mostly closed fractures) and sent Novosheshminsky CRH.Later the affected children will be sent to traumacenter Republican clinical hospital in Kazan, explain in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Tatarstan. - The other guys also taken to the hospital. They are psychologists.Here the guys will spend the night and in the morning students will be sent home in the town of Buzuluk, Orenburg region. Read more -->

"Father's daughter" Dasha Melnikova replace pregnant Asmus

As you know, Kristina Asmus now on the 6th month of pregnancy. After a month the actress to leave in the decree, therefore, was crucial to replace it in the theater. Yermolova, where is actress. While the guide does not disclose the name of the new artist that will play in the play "the Gentiles" in the new season.However, in the margins have long said that the theatre's artistic Director chose the pregnant actress young and ambitious star series "Daddy's girls" - Darya Melnikova. The main role by becoming Dasha, where the schoolgirl-wild child goes on stage in his underwear.By the way, Dasha and Christina long time friends, so Asmus was happy for her friend. However, debut role for Dasha will be fleeting, as Christina sits up not going on maternity leave, and will soon return to the theater. Read more -->

Julia presided over by co-starred in a photo shoot with her daughter

Julia presided over by co-starred in a photo shoot with her daughterRelations singer Julia Nachalova and player Yevgeny Aldonin was upset at the end of October 2010, when Western news agencies published a photo, which Julia gently kissing famous hockey player Alexander Frolov.Recall, presided over by the married Yevgeny Aldonin in 2008. Despite the fact that in marriage a daughter was born the Belief that spouses could not save their relationship. This was the second failed marriage singer. For the first time presided over by Julia married Dmitry Lanskoy, she was barely 18 years old. Lansky soon left the band "Prime Minister", where he was a soloist, and, in fact, became a dependent, sitting on the neck of his more successful wife. In addition, he always did not like in appearance Uliya. Read more -->

In Tatarstan, the guy is nuts raped a 13-year-old girl

In Tatarstan, the guy is nuts raped a 13-year-old girlIt all happened in the village Tyulyachi. 18-year-old Dmitry Bochkarev, according to investigators, drank. And after the guy pulled on the "exploits". He could think of nothing better than to attack a 13-year old schoolgirl. To cope with a teenage girl, Dmitry "made against her violent actions of sexual nature".The boy was detained and opened a criminal case against him. Soon the investigator intends to apply to the court that the detainee was sent into custody.- Previously brought to criminal responsibility, Bochkarev fully acknowledged guilt. Read more -->

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