CSKA held talks with Alexei Morozov

CSKA held talks with Alexei MorozovRepresentatives CSKA has held preliminary talks with the 36-year-old attacker "AK Bars" Alexei Morozov, informs "Business Online".Forward communicated in Moscow, member of the Board of Trustees of the army, head of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin and General Manager of the club by Sergei Fedorov. We were talking about the contract for the next season. Recall that the term of the agreement Morozov "AK Bars" expires 30 April, and the new contract he will not be offered. . . . Read more -->

In Bolgar was killed 7-year-old child out of its tall chimney

In Bolgar was killed 7-year-old child out of its tall chimneyThe body of 7-year-old boy with multiple abrasions and bruises, was found yesterday afternoon in the city of Bolgar on the street working at the warehouse building next to the chimney brick chimney with a height of 17 meters.According to senior assistant SU TFR in the Republic of Tatarstan Andrey Sheptytsky, based on this fact, the investigative bodies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan prosecuted for the offence under h 1 tbsp. 109 of the criminal code (causing death by negligence).The night before the boy did not return home and his parents went to the police. According to the preliminary version, the child's death was caused by falling from the roof of a warehouse, or pipes, which, according to witnesses, shortly before the tragedy he tried to climb.Currently under investigations aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident. . . . Read more -->

Look for errors Tatarstan doctors will be the Germans

Look for errors Tatarstan doctors will be the GermansAs was announced at the session "Health as a public good", which was held on the sidelines in Kazan III International scientific-practical conference "Modern problems of life safety: present and future", even in countries with the most advanced health care system far fewer patients dying from AIDS and breast cancer than... actually from treatment.For Tatarstan topic of medical errors has recently become particularly relevant. At the end of last year of elementary flux resulted in the death of the patient in Zelenodolsk, and a resident of Kazan died from blood loss during surgery to remove the Appendix. In addition, in November for one week in the hospitals of Tatarstan for unclear reasons, died two mothers, and in February this year, presumably from her in the hospital injections killed 16-year-old girl was brought with a diagnosis of stable angina".The performances of the participants on the educational background of the dummy representing desperately in need of the patient, acquired a special meaning.Especially guest lecture from Germany Stefan Dornheim, Executive Director of the consulting company that tests medical institutions around the world concerning the safety of medical care. Himself Dornheim 13 years led one of the largest hospitals in Germany, so it is not caught with chaff.Now, according to research company in the United States from medical errors annually dies 98 thousand people, and this figure over the years has not diminished.If we decompose it by day, it turns out that almost every day the plane falls, made Rapporteur figurative comparison with the help of the interpreter.In Germany, according to him, the picture is a little better. Over the past year due to improper treatment died there 19 thousand patients. Read more -->

"I can't" or Three steps doubt in childbirth

"I can't" or Three steps doubt in childbirthMariana Oleinik, doula: "I can't", "Make me something", "I have to agree on everything, just to get it over with", "I'm scared, I can't cope" - all women of the world know these thoughts, sounding very much like always or almost always in the peak moments of birth. In these moments, decisions are made. Changing the script. This fork. Manifest the true relationship between people. They often regret, bitterness, guilt, doubt your own power or the disappointment in her about these moments speak with resentment. Read more -->

A fire in a shopping complex near Kazan unable to put out even by helicopter MES

A fire in a shopping complex near Kazan unable to put out even by helicopter MESContinued fire suppression in the trading-exhibition complex OAO "Tatneft" (Zelenodolsk region of Tatarstan, 11 km from Kazan), the signal for the beginning of which was received at 14:05 GMT on Monday.Currently in the fire zone are already 6 of 8 boxes on a total area of 21 thousand square meters.As the press service of EMERCOM of the Russian Federation in Tatarstan, the threat of the spread of fire no further. The total area of the one-storey complex of 28 thousand square meters.Monday in the shopping complex output, this explains the small number of people. The dead and injured there, but many entrepreneurs in the fire lost all their goods.In fire suppression participate 127 people and 34 units of equipment to the scene arrived and has already implemented more than 20 discharges water the helicopter MI-8 MTV aviation unit of the EMERCOM of Russia.Set up operational headquarters, to enhance and organization of fire prepared Kazan stronghold in the amount of 76 people and 14 pieces of equipment, the press service.The causes of fire and damage are. . . . Read more -->

In Kazan woman "mined" from kindergarten boredom

In Kazan woman In Kazan investigated the criminal case against 31-year-old unemployed, made knowingly false information about a terrorist act.on March 4, she called the Manager of EMERCOM of Russia and Tatarstan said that in one of the kindergartens of the Soviet district laid a bomb.At the scene were sent immediately to all emergency services of the city. The police and the Ministry of emergency situations held the evacuation of 75 people at this time in the kindergarten building (60 children and 15 adults). Then dog expert with special trained dog examined all areas of child care and the surrounding area. No explosives were found.In parallel, the police were establishing the identity of the caller women. In a few minutes was found that in the MOE turned 31-year-old resident of one of the houses on Victory Avenue. After her detention was found that at the time of the call she was drunk. Read more -->

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